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    OK I am getting clobbered this fall with diseases that are a shining example that my immune system is failing me desperately! I will tell you all even though I am ashamed I contacted Herpes this past month from my boyfriend. I have been avoiding and using precautions and still I got it, he was not even symptomatic so to me what does that say about my system then on top of that I get strep throat yesterday and I have been around that at work for years and years and not become I am on a HUGE journey to boost this poor system that I should have been paying more attention to BEFORE all this happened. Do you all have any advice for me? I would really appreciate the knowledge that you all have.....

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    You are getting clobbered! sorry to hear it -

    Here are a few things you might consider:

    Grapeseed extract - has been shown to be effective against herpes (although there is no cure)and good for immune system all around

    Kefir, yogurt and/or probiotics - I've read several places that much of our immune system is in our gut - so anything you can do to support your digestive health would be good. You may need digestive enzymes as well.

    Avoid sugar - very bad for immune system. Make sure you're eating lots of vegies. Greens foods (powdered stuff you can buy at health food stores) are a good way to get a lot of nutrients into your system quickly. Make sure you're not allergic to bee pollen as many of them have bee pollen in them. I'm not allergic but my sister is.

    Make your system as alkaline as possible - do a little research and you'll find out what foods are alkaline or acid producing. Lemon juice, paradoxically enough, although acidic, makes your system alkaline.

    Relaxation or meditation - I've been playing with different CDs as I find it difficult to do on my own. Kelly Howell made a good one I've been listening to. Also, Glenn Harrold has some interesting ones. You can look them upon Amazon.

    If your immune system has been working so well up to now, I think you'll probably bounce back rather quickly -

    Take care -

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    Thanks Mary......I am intrigued by the Greens Foods you talked of. Is that they name if it...I am just making sure I am reading this correctly. I think that would be excellent for me because I do not eat enough fruits and vegetables and from what I have been reading by the time they get to our produce counter they are stripped of most all of the nutritional value these days anyway so unless you can get organic or farmers market it doesn't really matter. I wanted to ask you what you know of it is mentioned quite frequently as helping.

    Yep I have gotten clobbered. I have a wonderful relationship with my man and he got this disease many years ago from his exwife so I knew in my heart that I wouldn't hold off getting it forever. We are always going to be together and so emotionally it is was not a bad pill to swallow but physically Herpes is a booger! It of course is a shame to hold as far as family and friends finding out because it is such a "dirty" disease in so many peoples minds even though I found out that 1 in 4 people in the US have it. I was shocked!

    So...enough rambling...thanks for your help and have a great day!

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    Hawk - yeah, you read the name correctly. There are lots of different products out there from expensive to not expensive. Swanson Vitamins sells one called Green Max Powder, it's one of the cheaper ones ($11 or 12). Just google greens food, or greens food powder, you'll see lots of info. You can read the ingredients and read reviews.

    I tried taking some, but unfortunately it made me detox (almost everythings makes me detox!) so I had to stop, but I want to take it in the future. I have an 83-year-old neighbor with stage 4 kidney disease (the last stage before dialysis) and she also had had a mild heart attack. ANyways, she was looking quite weak whenever I saw her, and I thought she couldn't go on much longer that way. And then she ordered something called All Day Energy Greens from, and I saw her a week or so later and could not believe the difference. She was perky, alert, I could just tell she felt quite a bit better. This product is one of the expensive ones (I think close to $40 a jar). She gave me a jar (she got it in quantity) but I haven't taken any yet, because am afraid of detoxing.

    Anyways, most people won't have the detoxing problem. It's funny - she tolerates it better than I do! but that's because of my CFS.

    I would give some sort of greens product a try if I were you.

    Take care-

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    I found a great one. Its called Nanogreens they claims to have fruits and veggies to the power of 10.. Meaning you get 10 serving of veggies and 10 servings of fruits in one shot! LOL its not horrible. taste a little like apple.. They have an omega three also.. the have a few good products... I cant remember the name of the company but just do an internet search for nanogreens and it will come up I think its Bio-Pharma..
    good luck sweetie we're here for ya :)
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    Thanks again for all the great ideas and support!