stress and hurricane

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  1. poodlemommy

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    I heard the other day that alot of the care givers and those that suffered from the hurrican my end up with chronic fatigue and fibro. They said it may be like the Gulf War syndrome. It wouldnt surprise if we see a big spike in these conditions. Maybe it will prompt some more study into finding a cure. Just a thought
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    I imagine that the victims and the workers will have some long-term emotional and physical effects. I do hope it will be minimal, but a disaster such as that would produce such extreme emotions. Then, some physical diseases that were breeding in the water and other unsanitary places will cause illness, also.

    I think this is a real good assumption...we may have a real epidemic of these diseases in the days and months to come. Thanks for posting.

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    I read several days ago that health officials are concerned about the number of rescue workers who were reaching into, and even wading into, the contaminated floodwater without protective clothing. There is evidence that exposure to toxins is a factor in CFS and GWS, so I think that these people would be at risk. Talk about no good deed going unpunished!
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    people are likely to become ill from the toxins in the water and it is toxins that caused the GWS not stress.

    I became ill through exposure to chemicals.

    I just feel that the 'stress' cause is always used when doctors dont know what causes something or how to cure it and thats why we were once labelled as having illnesses that 'were all in our heads'

    I hope these poor people dont get sick, they've been through enough.


  5. achy

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    And he was no where near the flooding...He was in Waveland distruction, but he was dry at least.

    Unfortunately that's all he remembered them telling him!! The whys and what fors he doesn't remember. Like what IS the rash and WHAT do you do if you get it? MEN !!!!

    I haven't heard about the prediction of A Gulf War type syndrome, but I have heard hepititus, Cholera, typhoid, etc.
    I hope not...enough ppl have suffered.

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    I have to say that, as an observer, this has really taken a toll on me. Most here know I'm in broadcasting and we have been raising money, interviewing evacuees and charities and constantly watching the news to keep updated.

    Don't get me wrong, I know it is nothing compared to the evacuees. I've also been in touch with our local red cross workers and the women I have talked to are EXHAUSTED from the amount of work they have put in. As a matter of fact, a couple of the ladies have broke down crying on the phone with me.

    My point is, this hurricane situation has affected many people on various levels and the repercussions of this will show up in doctor's offices around the country.

    This is a big issue for everyone. I told my husband that when New Orleans is truly ready to rise again, they won't be the only ones celebrating...all of America will join in the biggest celebration you could ever imagine. I say this because when there is great struggle and sorrow...eventually there is great joy and triumph.

    But, right now, we must endure the struggle along with the evacuees and I do believe, whether consciously or subconsciously, we have all taken on a tremendous amount of additional stress in our lives.

    Chin up,