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  1. cherie22001

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    I was feeling rather well taking Tramadol everyday and suddenly passed a family trauma. Since that time I am in severe pain and no matter how many pain meds I take, nothing seems to work. If anyone can relate to this can yu please share with me. Thank you kindly Cherie
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    makes the pain much worse. I tighten up every muscle when Im stressed and of course that makes it worse. My sister, who fights crohns everyday was just diagnosed with non-alcoholic liver disease and her dr was not very encouraging. The pain is doubled right now and nothing I do seems to help.

    I take sooo many meds that even I have a hard time keeping up with all that I take.

    I pray that your pain level will go down quickly.

    {{{{SOFT HUGS}}}}}

  3. pika

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    stress affects the whole body. i, too, take more meds than i care to.

    i've been more proactive lately about rejecting any "outside" stresses (those coming from situations/relationships) as much as possible. ie., "choosing" not to let things get to me. there are enough stresses just dealing with my condition and trying to get better, or accept limitations. the more outside stress i don't allow to zap me, the more internal strength i find...AND less physical pain.

    i know we can't just ignore EVERYTHING -- but others' bad attitudes or trying to live up to others' expectations... those i'm identifying and rejecting.

    also, finding YOUR level of tolerable exercise WILL help. and the SORT of exercise that makes you feel good inside and out. even if it's five minutes a day... so many other things we can't control -- this, we can. that's a positive for me.

    try spending some time each day (the more i get, the more i want, 'cause it helps me!) in prayer, meditation, positive self-reflection -- whatever works for YOU. i need all three.

    and remember, you're not alone and there is hope.
  4. cherie22001

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    Thank you so much for your replies. I am in very bad pain right now but trying very hard to feel better. Th epain meds are not enough but thank goodness they do help some. All the best Cherie