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  1. mellow

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    Hi everyone,

    I would be interested to find out how many of you had a stressful situation before the onset of FM and if you feel that you handled that situation and have moved on from there or if that problem is still a part of your way of thinking?

  2. mellow

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    Hi everyone,

    I would be interested to find out how many of you had a stressful situation before the onset of FM and if you feel that you handled that situation and have moved on from there or if that problem is still a part of your way of thinking?

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    I had a major stress at the father died. But my opinion is that a major stress exacerbates any pre-existing conditions.

    People predisposed to cardiac problems...may have a heart attack after an injury free accident. Or stroke from stress.

    My point is...if you look at it that will blame yourself for having this DD....and it is not our fault we are sick!!!

    I went through that process too..thinking if I knew how to cope better ..I wouldn't be having all these problems. That made me feel even worse.

    I feel now...that stress happens...and if it wasn't my fathers would have been something else.

    I think this illnss is so complex and involves so many systems that stress will always be a TRIGGER.

    Don't beat yourself up over this...creates more stress. Better to recognize that stress is a trigger and not a cause......All illnesses worsen under stress...we need to avoid it if at all possible....Peace DJ

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    I'm not sure whether I've had a chance to welcome you aboard. I'm glad you found us.

    Stress is probably the worst factor we have in our illnesses. If we didn't have stress before getting sick, we certainly have it after getting sick. Many of us will say our illnesses were triggered by an accident, a virus, an injury, etc. Those triggers all were accompanied by stress. I had just gone through a stressful divorce prior to getting the mycoplasma infection which triggered my CFS/FMS. Seems my life has been one long stressful event after another.

    It doesn't matter what else one does to try to heal, if one does not learn how to handle stress. It is the worst thing for us.

    Stress is a very important factor, but it is not likely "the cause" of our illnesses. There is most likely a genetic predisposition and multi factors involved.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mellow!!

    I don't post much any more, but I wanted to answer your question.

    I started haveing symptoms after the death of my father 2 years ago. I lost my father on September 12 2000, and my job within a week of each other. So both of those things combined seemed to be the onset of my symptoms. Maybe I had some symptoms before that but I didn't really notice or just shrugged them off as normal for me?(what ever normal for me is - Ha-Ha)

    Did you have some type of stressful event that you think may be the onset for your FM?

    Have a great day!!
  6. TracyV

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    diseases. In my opinion that is what it does with FM. It does make it worst I think, but doesn't cause it.
  7. ohmyaching

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    Some chiropractors I went to see said they believe FM was caused by stress. Not stress from anxiety or anxious situations although that may play a part, but stress that is placed on our bodies from daily living with things that cause our bodies to be thrown out of balance (more physical and chemical than psychological). One of the stressors they recognize is the ever increasing toxicity of our environment. Being chiropractors they tend to look at alignment of the body, for example the spine or other body parts that have become so out of alignment that natural functioning of these organs is impeded. They believe realigning these organs and cleaning out the toxins will improve health. I don't agree that stress as they define it is the cause of FM, I think it may be viral, but I don't think their treatment could hurt any and might actually help some. Finding balance seems to be a good thing.
  8. klutzo

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    I think we have a genetically stronger sympathetic nervous system, and a relatively weak parasympathetic system than the average person does. The result is that we cannot stop reacting to stressors quickly the way normals can, nor can we keep those reactions in perspective to the amount of stress. Put in simple English, we have a hyper-sensitive nervous system. This is why FMS is sometimes referred to "the Princess and the Pea syndrome",and why it runs in families. Not just my opinion:there is research to support this.
  9. sybil

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    since being DX'd with FMS than i was to start off with.
    i have had osteoarthritis in my spine for about 8 years's painfull,but i managed to take that in my stride,it never stopped me from doing what i wanted to.
    but since my DX in july,i have had a constant struggle with the medical profession in the U.K.,just to get treatment and that has been far more stressful than having this DD.
    my experience may not be stressed when you are DX'd ..but you soon will be!


  10. JaciBart

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    WE just went thru this, try a search using the words trauma, I would do it for you but I am so drained right now I need to rest, we all just shared recently, if you cannot find it bump it with a request and I will find it later on today & bump it, there was a lot of really emotional stuff there, I cried & cried when I read it.

    Good luck,
  11. ArkyFarmGirl

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    I first experienced odd sensations and pain after an exremely stressful year in my life. I won't go into detail except to say that I got divorced, moved to a new country, lost and regained custody of my daughters, started doing farm work for a living, and suffered the loss of a number of close friendships in the process...among OTHER things!!!! Over the course of that year (4 years ago) I lost sleep, weight, and lived in an almost constant state of fear and anxiety. I had always been healthy...never before experienced the things that are a regular part of my life now. So, I definately believe that the stress of that year played some part in the emergence or triggering of this problem. Again....that's just MY opinion about MY life!
  12. pamelasng

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    Hi I do think stress is a part of it all and I loved Klutzos thing about the Princess and the pea,have never heard anyone use it before in relation to FM, except in our family I used to tell our girls they were special like the princess and the pea when they complained about the pain or how it hurt them to lay in their beds,we still joke about it, Hugs Pam.
  13. chrissy

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    hi Mellow, I went through 2 years of hell with 2 !@#* neighbors who blasted their subwoofer right in front of my bedroom windows and would throw parties every night, slam their car doors etc, after constant sleep interruption and acquired insomnia I ended up at the emrgency room at the hospital with a "knife" in my back. My neighbors moved at the beginning of this year, I still have the insomnia, just took 5 weeks off work, not paid because I was exhausted (sleeping pills at night, coffee in the morning, and then I CRASHED. So yes in my case my first MAJOR flare up was stress related.
  14. herblady

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    has been one long stressful stiuation. i don't know if it CAUSED it, but it sure does contribute to it. cindi
  15. Annette2

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    I don't think stress causes FMS but if you are predisposed to it, that could bring it on. Same with other illnesses. My son has ulcerative colitis. I think stress brought it out. I also know that when I am stressed, I usually go into a flare. Maybe it's which came first, the chicken or the egg? It seems that we all had some event trigger the onset of our FMS, but the events were all different. By the way, I also believe that the FMS caused me to have early menopause. I can't prove it, but one day my period just stopped and it never came back. This was right after I was diagnosed with FMS. So, what do you think?