Stress Factors?

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    As I have said in past posts that even though I've had FMS for over 40 years, it was only diagnosed as such last summer. Is Stress as big a factor as they say it is?

    My husband of 31 years (my biggest support) left about 10 days ago for the latest in the ongoing frivolities in the sandpit (IRAQ).
    He's with Naval Intell and will be gone for maybe 6 months, maybe 2 years...they won't pin it down this time. He's been in the Navy for 29 years, in theory a Reservist. But he's been gone more in the last 8 years than the first 21. He's very good at what he does and is very popular (which can have it's drawbacks). He was only home for six months this last time.

    My question is this, my new doctor seemed to have things more under control with the new pain med. From the day my husband left, it was as if I was on nothing at all. Can stress make that much of a difference? I couldn't begin to explain where I hurt more and I haven't slept more than about 2 hours a day (sometimes not for 48 hours) since he left.

    Every time he leaves, it's painful (mentally, not physically) and No, you don't get used to it. Someone told me that the other day and I nearly tore their head off and I don't have a temper. It's as if a part of your soul has been ripped out.

    I'm not usually a complainer, which is part of what got me in the situation of having a wonderful thing called Fibromyalgia in the first place. Nurses are never supposed to get sick, right? But have it, I do and with a vengeance.

    I know stress is involved, but I didn't know how much until now. Am I just "bellyaching" or is it true?

    Need a Shoulder,
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    I really believe that STRESS is the biggest factor in our mental and physical states. I'm sorry that your husband has to go to Iraq. I'll keep both of you in my prayers.

    I'm not a complainer normally, but sometimes you just have to vocalize your feelings in order to deal with them.

    My shoulders may be small and you are welcome to them. Warm hugs, Lisa
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    First let me tell you that both you and your husband are in my prayers..
    I have done a lot of reading about stress/anxiety and I believe 100% that stress plays a big role in a lot of diseases..I was also just diagnosed with CREST Syndrome ( a form of Schloderma) and right in the literature I was given it says, try to control your stress..Yea right..I realize we can re-program ourselves with somethings as far as stress, but not everything (my opinion)..
    Anyway back to the Fibro, I defintely feel worse when my stress level is up..So you are right, stress will make your symptoms worse..
    And it is good to come on here, & let it out..You surely are entitled to it, with hubby leaving and all..
    Nurses are humans, so why can't they get sick like everyone else......
    Hope you feel better soon...I can understand that no matter how often hubby has gone away in the past, it doesn't make it any easier the next time around..My husband is not in the military, but just depending on his working hours, I can even relate..
    Take Care..........Best Wishes..........Donna

    **Just read your profile, I just got a little kitten and we named him Ozzie..I also have some family in law enforcement..
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