Stress-Flare- Pain-Depression???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jdala, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. jdala

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    How does stress affect your FM? Does pain make your depression worse? When I'm stressed I hurt more and the more I hurt the nore depressed I get and all I want to do at time like that is sleep-sleep-sleep!!
    Just wondering if others are affected the same way?
  2. fibrodoll

    fibrodoll New Member

    Yes, stress makes my fibro pain worse. Does more pain make me more depressed? Well I'm not depressed in the first place, but more pain does make me cry which in itself is proven to relief stress. I guess its all in how long you let it make you cry.

    A couple years ago a doc was treating me for "depression" because I was suffering constant migraine along with other body pain. I didn't get better no matter how many anti-depressants at increased doses he gave me. I kept saying I'm not depressed I'm in pain. I perservered and after being dxed with fibro, I knew I wasn't crazy.

    I'm not cured, I will always have pain, I will get up every morning and it will hurt. I will always be ME, a person with a totally outragious sense of humor with the ability to laugh at anything and get others to laugh with me. I will always spend everyday at work doing my best to help others in need. I will go home many of those nights and cry. I then get up the next day and do it all over again. In between all of this I also sleep as much as possible, I do love a good nap!

    As hard as it is to ignore pain and stress, centering on it makes it the focus of life. I use humor to take that focus away and I try to continue on from there.

    I'm a cashier and people leave me pennies and I say I'll pass them on, I always do. So I give you hugs and love in hopes you'll pass them on, Valley.
  3. coyote

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    Stress makes my pain, fatigue, memory loss and depression worse. What you have described is the gist of FM.
    It can be any kind of stress, physical or emotional.
  4. bejo

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    Pain does make my depression worse and depression does make my pain worse.I think of it as going around and around in a circle.Then you throw the fatigue and fog in and the circle gets bigger.I also have to add lack of sleep because I can't sleep without meds,which means if I lay down to rest in the daytime I can't go to sleep.Sometimes I feel like saying stop this circle and let me off. LOLOL Don't we all wish it was that easy?
    (((((()))))) bejo
  5. layinglow

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    Jdala--Stress definitely affects my FM and CFS adversely. I have learned that it is best avoided, and try to arrange my life and relationships in such a way to minimize it.

    In the beginning I was convinced that pain was responsible for the depression I was feeling, and it probably was. After many months though, and with the pain, more under control with meds, I discovered the depression was worsening, and even had gotten to the point of being totally incapacitating.

    I concluded that it was time to seek help for this, and thankfully I did. It has been reversed, and I am feeling so much better. Now with the pain and depression under control, I have a much different attitude, one of hope, and not hopelessness. Whether this will continue is anyones guess, as these DD's seem to be everchanging, throwing us new challenges.

    Best wishes, I hope you can find some relief for all that you are going through.
  6. Mikie

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    Coping with stress causes changes in the body's chemistry and leaves the body suseptible to infections and disease. These chemicals lower the ability of the immune system to do its job.

    My new doc has told me that constant pain signals in the brain can cause fatigue, sensory overload, and depression. It is imperative with our diseases to get relief for our sleep and our pain. This, alone, may help our depression. If not, then the depression needs to be adressed.

    Love, Mikie