Stress fm/cfids info rcvd, from pts. at clinic

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    There were alot of posts to trauma/stress from childhood to personnl trauma. First the artthitis found.who laughed at firbo in beginning did survey and finally stated the same percentage of public had traumatic lives as to %of fm/cfids pts. This changed from their first posts. I saw hundreds of pts. at clinic I worked at I did my own research and the for the most part pts. felt the had signs as child with outchildhood abuse, but did have some major stress somewhere in their live such as bad marriages/car accidents. long term illness such as ,just lost my mind ,help you know that kissing disease,hate that loss of thought, anyway , also severe flu, meningitis,lyme,rocky mountain fever or other illnesses on the order, etc. The other thing was mentioning of severe throat problems as a child. Also most had some sort of injury to neck. I can state this from the pt. survey I took. Remember stress probably causes a great deal of illnesses, such as triggering heart problems,cancer,arthritis,on and on. This does not make them less real if it is stress induced. So your illness is just ast real so is your pain and fatigue.Many of the pt. also were care givers and type A personalities. So it is in our heads,IMHO somehow our brains got rewired which is probably why our symptoms change almost from minute to minute. Probably we do not have 1 neurotransmitter functioning properly. It may be sarted from thr brain, but the pain is real. I saw younger and younger pt. who were active and healthy till something major happened(Just remembered mono was the word,oh well,typical fog. I wish I had a magic wand to help all you sweet people. Hugssss to All/You need it!!!!!!!
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    what do you mean by that, what is a care giver?
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    Hi, hope you are doing alot better than I am since I just returned from the stress of going to the doc and am in a flare. Anywho, It probably starts as a child the one that tries to make peace in the family or friends or whereever. The one that tries to be supermom or do it all. Usually never think you have given or done enough for someone else other than ourselves. Usually our wants and needs are put on hold. I guess a typical type A or go beyond what the average woman feels guilty about or doe`s. Want to do whatever you can to make others happy. Will be the one to go on no matter how lousy you feel.Also a people pleaser. This is more then just taking care of or helping another. Hope this helps alittle. I could go on as we can sometimes lol. Take care and (sweet hugsss for better days. P.S. I hate going to docs anymore that is why I wanted to be a P.A.