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    Fell down a flight of stairs in 04, injure to shoulder and tore ligaments in both my ankles and unable to work. Started therapy for ankles and hips pain started. Long short of it, pain started all over different sites of my body. After many test (and ankles healing) was DX. fibromyalgia/CF. Had previous sleep problems going in to all of this. Other test results shows in having degenerative discs, and osteo arthritis in neck. And like many on this board I suffer from on going fatigue and depression. I have been pushing myself to do things for a long time now(working) but ever since falling in 04 I am not able to go back to workplace. Now stress is really getting the best of me, as I try hard not to let it, it gets overwhelming. My employer now stops my DB benifits, after sending me to their choosen IME Dr. (who exam me for all of 10 min)
    and writes a report saying nothing is wrong with me.
    Even when My
    Dr. states differently form IME Dr report. They go by the company's paid IME's evaulation report.
    I have paid into opinional disability at my work for over 15 yrs. No one ever tells people that yes, you can cover pay for additional corvage, but if you ever need it, your going to have to
    appeal and fight to get any co. LTD. (At least in my case) It's hard to be in on going pain , then have no income and have to pay monies for layers to fight for works LTD.
    Plus Now being told
    the company wants to terminate my position because they are running out of opinions for what to do with me cause I am disable to return to work as their IME, say I can?
    Their Telling me if I win this appeal they will reinstate me? I'm giving the right to appeal, but meantime they want to get rid of me. As of
    now my DB payments have been stopped, and told I have to pay full amount for my medical insurences. Which means if I can not come up with money, I will not be able to
    be treated medically. It is clear they add more STRESS to
    already ill people, making a bad situation worse and unbearable.
    Sorry, for being so long, but have to blow off steam or burst.

    PS, have filed for SSD awaiting answer on that also (from all I hear this is going to be more stress). Which results in more pain for me.

    I worked for a VERY LARGE well known Co. and they've always collected from their employees and have given to the needy one cause or another, (which is the right thing to do for the needy) But on the other side of the coin when it comes to their own employees if they have become ill they are making sure to include stress and contributing to more pain for them, making sure they are making them needy, they are throwing me an anchor instead of a rope, makes my illness worse, by stressing me out more.

    Company paid IME Doctors, I find no kind words for them Not the one I was made to go to (anyway).
    If anyone out there is required to go to one of these DR's make sure you take a wittiness with you or a recorder, Sorry for you if you don't. (I am now learning this the hard way)
    He tolk every ans. To his questions, compeltly out of context when he wrote his reports (for the company). My dealing with IME Dr. is almost to much to bear. He was misleading in his written report on his 10 minute exam of me, and thats what my employer chooses to go with, this
    IME's report instead of Dr's that have been treating me for a year.
    And now a stressful fight, I'm left to deal with. This is very hard for pain ridden, ill people to have to deal with.


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    Sounds like you have alot going on here....I am so sorry you are under so much stress...And so true stress can come from all points...

    I wish you luck with your Disability...Just dont give up!!

    These days there dont seem to be alot of companys who do care about there employees especially if we fall's really sad....but most are out for the money of course and could care less.

    I hope things will get better...keep your chin up!! And I justed wanted to welcome you aboard as well...lots of good info here and caring, understanding, and supportive people.


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