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    I am 38 and have been recently diagnosed with osteoperosis amungst other things I am on fosimax recent MRI of my spine shows that have stress fractures I have never experienced the most excruciating chronic back pain in my life it feels like someone is taking a knife and screwing it in your back the meds are not working that well it is so scary to say the least anyone else experience this? How do you cope ? it keeps me awake at night and I get imobilized and I cannot move, I am only 38 and I feel like an old woman have been to the er so many frickin times because of this. all I can do to stay sane is self medicate almost constantly I am so frickin tired of taking pills i feel like my body is toxic, not complaining jus sad

    god bless

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    Did you have a Bone Density Scan to ascertain your osteoporosis DX?
    I ask because in February an X-ray showed compression fractures in my spine. I too have that excruciating pain, right between my shoulder blades where the compression fractures were. It seems to take so little to set off a horrible flare of pain that Tylenol 3s and Ibuprofen can't touch.

    I was put on Miacalcin for bone building even though I had not Had a bone scan to prove I Had osteoporosis. I was so sure I didn't have Osteo (didn't fit the profile), and eventually a Bone Density Scan showed that my bones were like the bones of a 25 yr old (I am 55).

    Now I await a CT scan. Why did I get compression fractures when I don't have osteoporosis???? Doc says I could have had the injury a few years back when I was in an MVA and had seatbelt injuries.

    Why would it have taken so long to flare into this awful pain???

    Wish I had answers and maybe the CT scan will show something.

    The one thing that helps with my pain, and it sounds unbelievable, I know, but riding my bike stops the pain spasms. I think it is because I am holding my spine in a straight line, and supporting myself with the handle bars.

    I started out doing 2-3 blocks at a time and now have worked my way up to almost an hour of biking. I know it sounds hard to believe. Before I get on the bike I feel miserable, pained, fatigued and don't want to do a damned thing except takes meds for pain and whine.

    However, I start peddling and it takes away the pain. Eventually I found that peddling longer and getting my heart rate up had helped my spirit too. Makes me feel healthy and alive for a period of time.

    I hear your pain Cushy and hope you find relief.


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    i recently had kyphoplasty done for 4 fractures in my spine, i can sit up now without brace on p

    please look up kyphoplasty-dr richard obedian in new york did 4 spinal fractures i can now sit up without brace on look on internet under my drs name and u can access the procedure-lighting a candle for u you are in my prayers- LTD

    PS-pain is so very much better-i now feel like a work in progress- 3 more to go...