Stress is on the rise for me again

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    Took MOm to the ER last Saturday. IT took over an hour for them to hook her up to an IV , get her blood drawn and get the blood work done adn IV going. Mom was so clod adn they put warm blankets on ehr but would then not come back in to the room for a hour or so and MOm was so cold that all she cared about was going home NOW.
    All her vital were nroaml, her blood owrk came back with a mildly high white count and her congetsitve heart failure was getting worse from the blood work that had been done a could of days before.

    The MD's wanted MO to hvae a CAT scan and a chest x-ray but in the three hours we were there the X-ray tech s never came tp get Mom. So she got angry and informed the Pa who had been seeing her that she wanted to go home there was noting really wrong with her tha tthey need4ed to keep her for and she was cold now , stiff and could not move. AFter about 40 minutnes after signing out aginst Medical advise she was finaly wheeled out to my car. But when we got home MOm could not stand up on her own , walk by her self, so I had to wake my SIL and finaly got Mom in her bedroom where she struggled to even go to bed.

    I was so stressed that I wasnted her to go bad to the hospitla and have them admit her but she argued with me till my daughrer came up and told us to quit yelling at each other.
    Sehe stayed home wiht daughre adn SIL alicia slept on couch so she could hear MOm if she called to her. I came home and dozed off adn on but realyy never slept good, I took ther to the lab monday morning to get a CBC drawn and then to the doctor at 3pm. HE went over all her tests with me for eht past 6 months adn she was normal, I am not normal and am hurting so badly that i am ready to scream. My daughter hwas having contractions all Sat and suday that really worried me as she is just bout 30 weeks still much too early to have the baby.

    \At the doctor MOm was told that she was dehryated and needs to drink more fluids 6 12oz} glasses of fluids daily and eat better , 6-8 small meals daily.
    During all this stres I hvae not talked to my doctor becauie I dont' think he cares aoub t any thing that happenns to me. My muscles arch so deeply that mvoing is hard to do. MY joints ache deeply all the time. I don't know what to do, I am so fatiqued and stressed out wiht my MOm not fololowing docotr orders and my daughter tryijng to boss her grandma around.

    I don't know how to deal wiht my MOm fits of yelling at me that I am treating her like a baby when she is acting like one. If you were 82 yrs adn were sick to your tummy , dry heaves ect. You need to see a doctor asap.{ she weighs 89 lbs} and eats like a bird} But not yell at me and argue with me that she knows when she is really sick or not. she had ran a fever all day but it wqss normal at the ER. I have reached my breaking point, There is no one but me that can take her to the ER, doctors, and pharmacy. I have to scheduel my wants and desires around what she demads of me. She tells me that she is not going ot yell at me so much and to treat me better.

    I need some help a doctor who cares when I am hurting more adn more. But I can't find one close around here or even an hours drive away. I can't keep doing this not sleeping enough or getting good sleep. I need some one who cares adn that I can talk to , some one that understnads me and wants to help me. {lease help me if you can I can't take this any more. I feel so abused by faamily , who does not care that I am in more pain that Mom is in. Who will accept me adn listen to me I dont' know. I just can't accept this feling so rotten all day long.
    I am so lost and alone with no one understnads me adn how fibro make s me feel. Wht can I do to get them to listen to me.

    HUGS Rosemarie
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    You are in a tough situation. Try to find someone who helps with the elderly in your area. I have seen things online about agencies that will help by sending home health care workers to give family members a break.

    You have to take better care of yourself somehow. You will not be able to keep going if you get sicker. If family members can't help maybe they will discuss assisted living arrangements.

    Most of the people in my family have no clue as to how I feel day by day even though I've had CFS/FM for many years. Don't let it upset you that they don't get it They probably never will. I've also yet to find a doctor that really understands. We have to take care of ourselves the best we can. You have so much to deal with. I know it is next to impossible. I hope you can find someone outside the family to give you some advice and help with your mom. I believe you that your pain is real and serious. I am praying for you to find someone to help you. Hugs, GB66
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    For the stress, I take L-Theanine, 1 UltraCap two or three times daily:

    For sleep, try Unisom (the generic is fine) along with the Revitalizing Sleep Formula, Take 1 UltraCap 30-60 minutes before bedtime:

    If stress is keeping you from getting a good night's sleep, Sleep Tonight allows your body time to rebuild from occasional stress. Take one tablet before bedtime.

    Unisom, the sleep formula, and Sleep Tonight can all be used together and are safe for use every night.

    Let me know if you have as much luck with these products as I did.

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