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    Hi, does anyone know what trauma can be caused to the heart with years and years of stress being applied to it constantly? When I mean stress I mean hard, rapid beats being fast and very irregular, basically beating anything but normal, like going through stressful situations non-stop. I remember going through some emotional trauma early on (before CFS) and losing my normal heart beat that was comfortable and beating normal to a pretty rapid, irregular heart beat that caused my chemistry to go out of norm and also not being able to sleep hardly at all. Anyways I lived about 4 years of the constant stress until one night I spat up blood and had all of these symptoms of CFS plus I had a large discomfort in the heart area of my chest, I just wonder if all 3 of those things are related or not. I've had all sorts of tests ran on various body parts and they all come out right, I still have that discomfort in my chest, it feels almost like there is something there not doing its part to keep everything running smoothly, maybe thats where some of pain is coming from.

    I put in my other post about how doctors like to think that all chronic fatigue symptoms are coming from some sort of mental illness, would this be the cause of me spitting up the blood and having the on-set of the major symptoms that I have now or is it just the opposite and do I have a severe condition that requires some major attention? If the doctors are right and I just need to vent the years of suffering and the situations where I suffered then maybe I'd get well or maybe I have something rather severe that nothing medical can help with.

    I walked backwards to get through all the emotional stresses I was going through in my early days of putting up with things and I didn't go anything about it until the night the incident occured and then I knew that it was time to deal with things. The thing is though, did the stress literally do some damage internally to my heart then causing physical ailment or is it all how my mind perceives the stress causing me to feel this bad.

    I'd like to get your opinions on this topic and if possible are there any of you who have arrythmia and any other stress-heart related disorders?


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    my dad was diagnosed for years as having panic attacks/anxiety... in reality it was most likely tachycardia not found and diagnosed until years later. Unfortunately by then some damage was already done.

    He was also one of those "monitor shy" people...every time he was sent home with a heart monitor...he wouldn't have any problems...hence the diagnosis of panic attacks I guess. Took a few times with the monitor to finally catch it. No idea what caused it, but stress seemed to be a trigger for him.

    For your peace of mind...I would try to see a good cardio Dr. and have it checked out. If it is could be contributing alot to your health father was very sick at times.

    Take Care

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    I have FMS but my heart had been acting all wierd lately as well- and not going away. it seems to me that having the stress of FMS is weakening my body and my heart. I get an irregular beat, palipaltations (with rapid heart rate), a flip-floppy sensation, and now my heart slows to a pause, I get dizzy and a stabbing pain. And my pulse is abnormally high anyway. It just seems to be getting worse, I always have this ache in my chest now (and not the trigger points chest pain thing which I also get). I don't get anxiety attacks. I leanred to keep myself calm when I got the chest pains (swelling in the chest muscles and joints), because panicing made them oh so much worse. So I do not think my reaction to stress is making my heart worse but the FMS itself that is weaking my body ability to handle even mild stress. All I know is that it concerns me. The heart is not made to work as hard as it is. Others on the board tell me that I have MVPS, and maybe I do. Maybe you do as well. I do know that with FMS heart irregularities such as palipaltations and MVPS are common, and with CFS anxiety attacks and irregular beats are common. Still keep on your doctors buts about it, if you do have a heart condition (not caused by CFS) it certainly would be made worse by your bodies inability to process stress properly. Fast rapid heart beats are just palipaltations and don't cause damage, so i am told- and they are not neccessarily trigger by stress- I get them just sitting down and relaxing- but they seem to be a common symptom.