stress or exercise induced symptoms? 5 weeks postpartum

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mq, May 20, 2003.

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    Our wonderful son, wo was 4 weeks early,is now 5 weeks old. He is such a beautiful blessing. I wonder if that low dose of hydrocortosone that I took for CF throughout pg. helped his lung? dr.s say maybe.
    After delivery, I had some achiness, but was on high doeses of tylenol anyway, so barely noticed it.
    Last week I tried to do some really mild weights (1 and 3 pounds for 20 minutes). I think that was a bad idea.
    Tingling, increased tiredness.
    Monday I tried waling 30minutes, but have quite a bit of tingling and quite a bit more tired.
    So how do I tell if it's the exercise or the stress of my dad divoricing my mom and being nasty? I'm not in the same state, don't have direct contact, and thought I'd been able to appropriately seperate myself for my sake and the baby's sake.
    I really need to loose about 45 pounds, which has always been hard. I so wanted to really work out hard last week, and thought I was being "good" by just doing the light wts, for a short time and didn't do anything aerobic afterwards.
    I'd love your thoughts and ideas.
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    sorry i took so long for me to respond,
    you shouldnt be exerciseing at all yet you should let your body heal aleast 6 to 8 weeks for a healthy person after having a baby,
    you need to get as much rest as possible, try just doing strecthing for now,
    with all you and your body are going threw please dont try and push yourself the weight will slowly come off,wait a couple of weeks then try the weights agin but only if you know for sure your ready,
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    Your body is still adjusting to not being pregnate and babies take a lot of care. Don't try to get back in shape too fast with exercise. Instead rest a lot, concentrate on stretching, deep breathing, walking, and good nutrition. If you can afford it get a gentle massages and accupressure treatments.
    Best of luck.
  4. mq

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    for taking the time...
    yes, I'm getting the message.
    Part of me way saying I needed to start hitting everything harder...and the rest got teary eyed w/ the thought.
    thanks for affirming what I need to be doing
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    i have fm and had a baby one year ago....i gained 60lbs with this one!!!!it was a tough prego...i tried to start exercising again 6mos after...very light no impact and no weights...did only 10 min due to baby wanting my undivided attention and i suffered badly for two weeks for that little bit! it has now beena year and i still am unable to do any exercise....housework is about all i can muster most days....however....are you nursing? jsut making milk burns more calories than any workout you could well being wonderful for the baby....i have now lost most of the weight...still have that last stubborn bit to go, but not bad for mid 30s and 3rd child.... :p and hey im all for anything that burns so many cals without actually doing anything!!! Enjoy the little one, they grow so fast. and CONGRATS!!!!! Lori
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    I would think some short walks would be best right now and wait a couple months to try other things. Having a baby is a stress on a healthy body but with CFS you need to be more gentle with yourself.

    Even though you are not physically where your parents are at, divorce always affects children no matter how old they are.

    Give yourself a break and just enjoy the new baby :)