Stress Urinary Incontinence

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    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2004 at the age of 41. A few months ago I went to the doctor because I was having a problem with incontinence. The ob/gyn that I saw said that I have stress urinary incontinence and that she hadn't seen it in anyone my age. She said it's more common in older women. (I'm now scheduled for surgery to have a "sling" implanted to help control the problem.) I'm wondering if any of you other ladies who suffer from fibro have had this problem?
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    I do sometimes. I have given birth to 4 children though, so that may have something to do with it. I know if I turn on the water faucet, I can barely make it to the bathroom in time. If I cough or sneeze I'll pee my pants. I'm not quite bad enough for a sling but I wouldn't be surprized if I needed one soon.

    Good luck Foogymomma I hope your surgery goes well and it fixes your problem.

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    I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 10 yrs approx. I am 49 yrs old and had the tape inserted on 10th October. Had to be kept in as I was unable to P. The nurse put the catheter back in until next day. I did manage to P but was not managing to empty my bladder. I was sent home with catheter and had to come back 3 days later, still not emptying bladder so had to come back 2 more days later then had to wait until 29th Oct to go back to theatre as doctor on holiday. 19 days with a catheter.<BR>
    I have been feeling terrible. Catheter was not long enough. When I was walking it was dragging and uncomfortable. Had to go to see doc following week and again same day to see nurse as she checked my urine. I had an infection and once she changed my catheter I could walk normal for first time since getting it inserted. I have been constipated most of the time. I asked for something when I first went back to hospital. They gave me an enema. Felt better once bowels moved. I had to fone the duty doctor to see if the tablets I received 2 days earlier was suitable to kill the bugs I had in my urine. She told me they were. I don't think so. I have been getting same pains and discomfort. Could not sleep last nite. Foned the duty doc and he had given me strong antibiotics. Maybe I should have just suffered until I went to hospital tomorrow. I am very angry at being left to suffer for so long. I should have been sorted before the doctor went on holiday. I feel I am neglected my mum. I am used to seeing her everyday but since she was put in a nursing home I visit 5 times a week as she is 25 minites away until a place comes up local. I am not allowed to drive and I feel awful everyday at moment. <BR>
    There is other ways to fix stress incontinence. Tablets, botex etc. My doctor never gave me any option. I should have done my homework and asked him about other ways.<BR>
    Try to get other treatment first before you get the tape.
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    Oh, I can relate to this , I am much older but have tried many things and nothing worked more than 6 months to a year, if that.<BR>
    First had the bladder tack when I had my hysterectomy, lasted about 4 months, then had the Kegel machine done in doc's office, didn't do a thing.<BR>
    The urologist told me that nothing usually lasted long in my case, now you may be different. <BR>
    I was going for the botox then decided to just forget it, when I go out I just wear a pad. Hate to be this way but as long as they do the job that is what I am sticking with.<BR>
    I get the Tena Ultra plus and they work very well. <BR>
    Good luck to you, I know a lady that had the sling and is very pleased with it, she has had it almost a year.<BR>
    God Bless,<BR>

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    i can give you name of best urogyno itsdr mickey karram hes in cincinnati. love gail<BR>
    look him up
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    I'm surprised too to hear your doctor was saying it is too young to have this. i am an obgyn RN and see this anywhere from 20's to older. it really has to do with your circumstances. <BR>
    don't worry about that part of it. <BR>
    This is not related to fibro, but i do have an advise for you. tell your doctor on your preop appt to consider the fact that you will have pain management issues after surgery, and to be ready to give you more pain meds, or even PCA machine. (patient controlled analgesia) it is a pump that gives you pain meds when you press your button, that way you don't have to call the nurse to give it to you. <BR>
    i had a very similar situation and surgery, and i begged my doc to do that. he refused, and from what i remember, i was screaming my head off in the recovery room with pain. after realizing that the regular pain meds didn't work he finally gave in. i wanted so bad to smack him and say i told you so.<BR>
    good luck to you, prognosis is generally pretty good.<BR>
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    My story is different, but some of you may be interested due to my age, 64. I had two pregnancies in my 20's, the last one a boy 9.3. After that I always knew where the bathroom was in any given situation, and when teaching school or subbing/ackkkkk would literally be on the run as the bell rang.<BR>
    For years and years my GYN said I needed to have my bladder tied up. sneeze and cough a no no. Each exam I would cough and it would want to drop out.<BR>
    I always put up with it. But to my surprise at 57 my uterus went boggy and was bleeding. My GYN did an abdominal hysterectomy and tied the bladder up.<BR>
    Did that help? I don't really think so, I still knew where all bathrooms were.<BR>
    60 and again at 62 had what I thought were bladder infections, with the frequent urgency, not burning. Was given the usual AB.<BR>
    The last time , age 62 it continued.. awful feeling that upon leaving a bathroom I felt I needed to turn around and go back. I was put on enablex and told to see a GYN/URO about 30 miles away. The appointment was four months hither.<BR>
    Enablex was the worst drug I ever took. I was already dry from bp meds, and others. But on this I could not eat a piece of toast, was unable to swallow I was so dry. After one month I was beside myself with misery.<BR>
    I phoned (GYN/Uro) and sorry to say cried to some poor gal who answered the phone at the GYN/URO. She said they could put me in that day at 3:30... hmmmn, don't work very long hours huh? That meant not waiting another 3 months. <BR>
    He examined me and scheduled tests and told me I would need a cyctocele and rectocele surgery. All this time, still feeling like an elephant was standing on my bladder. Most annoying, yet not really pain. He also took me off the enablex. Many months of that elephant poising over my bladder!<BR>
    After he did the tests it showed my bladder retained 4 oz.... I could have told him that 30 years ago. Before the surgery could be scheduled I had a family emergency and postponed everything.<BR>
    I saw the GYN/URO 6 months later and although most of the pressure had left yet another family emergency kept me from scheduling surgery.<BR>
    The third time I saw him... he took a totally different position, and this is why I am writing. First two visits he pooh poohed my fms, made like it was a common cold unworthy of noting. Suddenly he changed his tune and said surgery would not cure that pressure on the bladder, and any surgery at this time could make enough scar tissue to mess things up if/when I truly need bladder work done in years to come.<BR>
    My take on this is at some point either he did some research on fms or had a family/friend with it. He said to me and this is important; THE BLADDER IS A MUSCLE, FMS IS A MUSCLE DISEASE. NO SURGERY CAN CHANGE A MUSCLE.<BR>
    I do have a pill, there are two that help, ditropan and pyridium that soothe the bladder and spasms. The pyridium turns the urine bright orange..... it takes a couple hours for that to happen, but as soon as that drug hits my bladder and begins passing, I get some relief. He gave me the drug with plenty of refills, in fact never before have I seen 12 refills! I take it for several days, then try without it. Repeat as needed.<BR>
    I find after these years, that emotional trauma can set it off. I also found that my hay fever medication triggered it.<BR>
    Sorry the story is so long , but it covers nearly 40 years of urinary questions and situations. Sometimes things are called different names... but bladder trouble and pregnancy combined often create problems.<BR>
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    that it was do to having them. If i cough or sneeze i have to cross my legs and pray that i am not going to pee myself. I end up going pee alot especially if i've drinken anything with caffiene in it. If you've had children maybe this is why you're having this problem too?
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    I've had it since I was 20 - it was a result of 4 1/2 hours of pushing (78 hrs of labor) my first child. I've been wearing Poise Pads ever since because they said that they couldn't do surgery if I still wanted more children - I'm 32 yrs old now, it hasn't gone way. I pee when I cough, sneeze, laugh, I 'leak' when I stand up if I've been sick and sneezing a lot that day. I've been told by multiple doctors (OB-GYN's and more) that it's VERY common in women after having children. To have it up and suddenly start like that (as opposed to right after having a child or from a prolonged childbirth) I dunno.<BR>
    Hope the surgery helps and that the Fibro doesn't wreak too much havoc on your healing.
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    Is a sling very similar to transvaginal mesh? Bc the meshes have been causing a lot of problems over the past few years:
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