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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by risinforce, Feb 8, 2006.

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    Hello there! Haven't posted in awhile as i have been inendated at work lately. Due to this fact I have become severly ill. My pain level has sky rocketed in the last month and today I have had my eyes opened as to why by my pain doc who is an angel to say the least.

    In a nut shell my pain has been radiating down my legs, in my hips, bottom, shoulders even fingers for the last month. I have had no break from this. I even had a migraine where I could not see out my left eye last week. I have days where I am dizzy for no reason, IBS that goes from one extreme to another, bloating, gas you name it.

    I've been surviving by popping pain meds while I work 6 days a week 50 to 55 hours a week. On auto pilot basically. Well today I went in with a list, crying this morning in the shower due to the fact that the shower alone was violent and painful. Exhausted and tired of going around the mountain another day.

    My doc putted it all in order within the first 5 minutes. She said that FMS patients, when faced with trauma (in my case stress) will basically step out of themselves. They go back to their initial incident that caused the illness to immerge. She said it could be from an emotional issue in childhood or something tramatizing. In my case it's from 3 years ago when I was under emormous stress at a workplace being screamed at daily and cracking under the pressure. Exactly what is happening now except I'm not being yelled at. She said that we go straight to that momment and revert to that point and put up an instant wall, go outside of ourselves to protect ourselves and our nervous system begins to shut down.

    That is why my IBS, dizziness, pain etc is off the charts. My body is in complete over drive right now. Unable to regenerate each night with sleep because it's in a vicious cycle. In the meantime, I'm getting worse and worse and will eventually collapse and even end up in the hospital.

    So what next? Well I'm going to start immediately w/a partner of hers to manage my stress, reduce my hours back to 40 regardless of the concesqueces w/my boss and begin a mindfulness Stress Reduction Program in April. She participated in such a program when she injured her back a few years ago and said it can change my whole life. I will keep you posted.

    She said w/my inner strength that we've seen before (when well) I could eventually have somewhat of a life back in a few years. I'm trying it. I've tried everything else, why not this.

    So I'm telling you all this in case someone else is suffering like me. Please pay attention to the signs. I was seeing the red flags knowing the bottom was near. I had to stop and that is why I went in. I had a list a mile long for her and the first thing on the list was the fact that I was only SURVIVING and it had to STOP and I need HELP. When they say this illness isn't fatal I think in some cases they can be wrong. It can be if we aren't careful with ourselves. But then Stress can kill the healthy. That may sound over dramatic but I'm feeling pretty ill.

    Hugs to all and I hope this info is helpful.

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    Keep us posted on the details of how the new plan works and the results you get! Good for you! Daneen
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    First of all, I say "God Bless" your doctor!! I also have a good doctor. I hear what you are saying about stress, as a matter of fact - looking back I think my entire life was stress, from the very beginning.

    My home life when growing up was unhappy and stressful. I have one brother and we are very close. We often talk about our childhood.

    Anyway, I have learned to reduce my stress in the last two years and that is the only reason I am better. What you are describing about your life is horrendous and I am so glad you are making changes.

    For me, the changes were drastic. I was also very traumatized by others - yes employers also. About ten years ago, I started my own business because I could no longer work for someone else.

    That was stressful but nothing like working for someone else who abuses you. Yes, stress can kill.

    I have been doing pretty well until I came down with a bad cold, possibly the flu a few weeks ago. My pain levels were way down. Hopefully when I over this I will be ok again.

    I am on a drug called Subutex that has really helped my fibro pain and is not as hard on my system as pain pills. Also you do not develop "tolerance" issues.

    You might ask your doctor about it.

    Good luck and thank you for posting this.
  4. Cromwell

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    You are in such stress and pain. Can you not work so hard? I worry this will make you even worse(is that possible?)

    Try and get a break.
    Cannot type tonoight stiff hands.
    Love Anne

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