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    hey everyone .it has been awhile since i have been on,but i could really use a PRAY right now. i think i remember everyone saying that stress can set a flare and i was just wondering if this is so. i just went through something terriable. one of my best friends and my husband ripped my heart out, all in one day. a few months ago my husband got on this kick of wanting to go back to his old lifestyle of partying and my girlfriend was doing this at that time also. i asked her if she knew if my husband had done this and she said she did not know and i said would you please tell me if you did . she said she would but she would hate to cuz she was his friend to. (but we have been friends for 21 yrs ) i said yea i know but you are more my friend than his. well to make a long story short i found out that my husband was doing things, and he told me that she did not know. and then i went to her and i asked her to swear on her daughters life and she said no she did not know. i hugged her neck and told her i was glad cuz i was worried that she did .(remember i hugged her and i even asked her to PRAY for me.)she had suposed to have gotten her heart back right with the LORD. well the next day i told my sister that i did not feel right when she hugged me. so when my husband got home that day i tricked my husband and i said to him ,that he did not tell the truth and sure enough he spelt his guts . she knew and to make it worse he partyed with her . i thought i was going to throw up. so needless to say i have went in a spiral downward. i am so depressed and nervous . face going numb , so tired i feel like i can't take another mind is going in so many different directions.i just want to run away and never look back aat either one of them.sorry that i have not been on the board and when i do i unload all this crap on you guys.what can i do to get better? thanks for listening