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    hey everyone .it has been awhile since i have been on,but i could really use a PRAY right now. i think i remember everyone saying that stress can set a flare and i was just wondering if this is so. i just went through something terriable. one of my best friends and my husband ripped my heart out, all in one day. a few months ago my husband got on this kick of wanting to go back to his old lifestyle of partying and my girlfriend was doing this at that time also. i asked her if she knew if my husband had done this and she said she did not know and i said would you please tell me if you did . she said she would but she would hate to cuz she was his friend to. (but we have been friends for 21 yrs ) i said yea i know but you are more my friend than his. well to make a long story short i found out that my husband was doing things, and he told me that she did not know. and then i went to her and i asked her to swear on her daughters life and she said no she did not know. i hugged her neck and told her i was glad cuz i was worried that she did .(remember i hugged her and i even asked her to PRAY for me.)she had suposed to have gotten her heart back right with the LORD. well the next day i told my sister that i did not feel right when she hugged me. so when my husband got home that day i tricked my husband and i said to him ,that he did not tell the truth and sure enough he spelt his guts . she knew and to make it worse he partyed with her . i thought i was going to throw up. so needless to say i have went in a spiral downward. i am so depressed and nervous . face going numb , so tired i feel like i can't take another mind is going in so many different directions.i just want to run away and never look back aat either one of them.sorry that i have not been on the board and when i do i unload all this crap on you guys.what can i do to get better? thanks for listening
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    My name is cathugs.I read your post and I know
    what you are going through.

    My husband was a "party animal" for years.I also
    had a so called "friend" You can read between the
    lines as this would be a long story.

    I have been married to this man for 44 & 1/2 yrs.
    This was not the only fling he had. It went on for
    years I thought at the time that I had to stay
    as I was raising a son and a daughter by my

    Looking back that was one of the biggest mistakes
    I ever made.But at the time I thought I could not
    make it on my own.

    I really don't know what has taken place between
    your dh and your "friend", but if you think
    they have been doing more than partying together
    please don't let them get by with it and make your
    self miserable in the mean time.

    If I had it to do over and know what I do now
    I would have kicked mine out permenantly.

    I am almost 60 yrs. old. He is 71. He would
    still be out running around,but his diabetes,
    high BP, and the side effects of his meds.
    have put a halt to his partying.LOL

    My daughter is 43, has one son and 2 little grand

    daughters. My son is 40, has a son 13 and a daughter 10.

    He still has resentment toward his dad because he
    was never there for him and has had to seek counciling for this.

    Sometimes I blame my self because I stayed with this man instead leaving. We are just housemates and business partners now.

    Sorry this is so long but when I read your post my heart
    hurt for you. Just please don't let them keep hurting you like this. Life is too short to be miserable.

    I have FMS. CFS. NERVE DAMAGE. OA. Chronic depression
    Bipolar etc.And I think the stress and trauma I went through so many years is what brought a lot of my
    illnesses on.

    I wish you the very best and wish I could give you
    a big hug in person, but this will have to do.

    {{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}} from "cathugs'