Stressed about getting my script fixed

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    I went to my Pain Doctor today and we chated about things and how I was m what has happened in the past month.

    He talked about my scripts and if and how they work for me. Are my meds working alright.He asked about my soma and told me that some of the patients have told him that the generic soma makes them really sleepy. So he signed both so that I can get either the Brand or the Generic.

    I told him that it does not matter to me as my insurace has a $10.00 co-pay for the Generic and a percentage if you choose the get the BRAND so I will take the generic.

    I walked out after the appointment and picked up my scripts. AS my doctor's staff photo copy each script that you get.

    I was in a hurry and had some errands to do so I just looked at my perscriptions to see that I had all of them but I didn't check to see if I had the RIGHT amount of each one.

    I did not even think about checking if I had the right amount till late tonight {11:00pm Tues.} Every one but one are alright. But my Soma is not. I am to take it 4 times a day and the script has me taking it two times a day and I can't remember when the doctor is going out of town.

    Being really MAD at my self for not paying attention and looking at my scripts and making sure that they are written right as the staff writes them all out before you see the doctor and he just signs them and aparently he also did not notice that they had written the WRONG amount.

    So I called the office at 11:00 pm Tuesday night and left 2 messages . Both were different. But I said that there has been a big mistake made and I needed to have the script for my Soma rewritten as it was written for the wrong amount and I really needed to have the correct amount. And I will be out of them by Saturday. And the doctor will not be back till Monday and if I filled the script for the 60 pills I would be up a creek becasue I can only get them filled once a month so I would be missing half of my script and be really hurting badly.

    So when I called I told them that this mistake had been made and it needed to be fixed. And I wanted to pick the correct one up today and To have them call me. And I left my phone number for them to call me.

    And then I got to thinking and started to worry about this. So I called again and left another message to have them call me asap when they got there as this script was not correct for my soma and as we had been talking about me running out of them before it was time for them to be refilled I had to get the correct script asap.

    I have not gone to pick up my meds and will not do that till FRiday. But I need to get my script for my Soma the right amount.

    Again I told them that the script that they gave me on Tuesday was incorrectly written and it was for half of the amount I usually get and the doctor did not change the amount of them at this appointment so I needed to have it re written asap and would they do it as soon as they could today. And I left my phone mumber once again.

    I don't know it they are going to think I am just nuts and worried about nothing . I know that the doctor will not be there but the nurse will be there and she can write scripts and as they have the correct amount written in my chart it should be easy to correct this problem for me.

    But as I have learned from having panic attacks this is something that I have painiced about. I Know that it is not a big deal but to me it is....

    I have taken the 4 a day for over 2 years and it works well that way and being shorted 60 pills is huge. And it struck me as some what funny as we had talked about pharmacies that have shorted some patients when they get their lortab filled.

    I had told them that I had my oxycontin miscounted once and it was fixed. So now I have the problem of not the pharmacy making the mistake but the staff who wrote out my script for my Soma.

    I can only hope that they will call me back and will look at the photo copy's of past scripts and have me bring in the script that has the mistake on it and exchange it for one that has the right amount and this time I will look at it..

    I don't know why this is stressing me so much. I Know that there will be the PA there or the nurse practioner. And both can write scripts , although the Nurse can't write a NEW never had before medication but I know that she can sign the one for my Soma as there is proof in my chart and on the bottle I am going to take in with me. So there is no doubt in the minds of his staff.

    And next month I will do better and make sure that the amounts are right on all the scripts I have so that I don't have to panic about it.As I am doing now.

    Oh well it does me no good to sit up waiting for them to call since they will not be in the office till 9 am. So I will just try to sleep and if they have not called me by 10 am I will be calling them again to get this corrected and make sure that I get the correct amount of my Soma.

    I know that every one makes mistakes but when it is a perscrition it tends to make me worry about it more. I know that some people will say that oh this is not the right amount of this med and try to get a larger amount of the medication.

    But I am going to bring in my bottle of the soma I have now to show them that I am right and they just need to look in my chart to see that they have made a mistake in writing that script. And it should be easy to fix. And i know that the nurse can sign the new script so I can get this fixed and out of the way.

    Tonight has been stessfull any way. I have been taking my Mom to the ER for IV therapy for celluitis and last night my daughter took her Grandma and the doctor was not happy that it is not getting better as fast as he would like it to .
    So he did a ultra sound and found a pocket of infection and tried to asperaite it but it was to thick so he make a small cut and squeezed out pus and it had a lot in it so he put a gause drain in it to keep it draining but it didn't work and plugged up and to night the doctor got out a good 5 cc's of pus that was in my Mom's elbow and arm.

    He cleaned it up and didn't put the drain back in but put a dressing back on it with an antibitoic dressing.
    She also had a dose of anticotics and will need a new IV started when she goes in tonight at 8 pm. Mom is on a really strong anticitoic and it is getting her worried as this is the sceond time in 2 months she has had celluitis in her arms and she wants to know why?

    He did a swab for a culture to find out what this infection is. And to make sure that the antibiotic they are usuing is the best for what this is. Poor Mom that arm is so sore and really painfull . IT hurts her when she rolls over in the night and it is a sharp pain and to have the doctor keep squeezing it must have really hurt her. She was really brave. And had taken a LOrtab 10 before we left. I hope that it was working beofre he did this .

    And they will insert a new IV so that they can keep her on antibotic's IV as it is the best way to get it to where it is needed. And I hope that they can get another vein as easily as they did the first time. MOm is on pregnozone and is upset that no one has ever told her that there are long term problems when you take pregnozone .

    It imparires your immune system and can cause it to become weaker. And that it what she thinks has happened and she is redusing her pregnozne like she should be doing but when she lowers it the more pain she has in her back so she is up a creek either way.

    This is getting really LOng and I need to go to bed as I am so tired and worrried, I will be waiting for the phone call from MY DOCTOR's office about the script of my soma and I hope to beable to get it fixed before NOON and I can go in and give them the one that is not right and pick up the one with the right amount. HOPe that this goes well for me. and that the nurse will rewrite this script.

    I should not have a problem as I know that each perscription is written down with the amount that is to be given to me. And I am sorry but 60 is not the right amount for 4 times a day .

    I Hope that the nurse is there and I don't have to just take a small amount till I can get it fixed on monday. So I am going to wait for thier call and call them if I have not heard from them by 10 am .

    Thanks for letting me whine and vent and hpe that they get this fixed today.Hugs,
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    What a mess! I absolutely hate having to contact the doctors about medicine, or when I run out of refills the pharmacy faxes a reminder to the doc and sometimes that takes forever. I also am Rx Soma 4 times a day and take it only when I absolutely need it. I also have the anxiety panic thing. It's hard to rid yourself of the doubts of what you've done or what you should have done. Please hun, stop stressing so much. I know, easier said then done! My advice is to go fill the prescription you have for the 60. I know how it feels to need a soma and not have any. This way, you will have some on hand, take as you need until the doc or someone finally returns your calls. I'm sure when they do, just tell them you had to fill this RX, and they'll calculate the difference and write you a new script. Get some rest hun, please don't stress so much.

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    It seems to me that the nurse could call it in to your you a lot of running.

    Also in your charts....your last amount should be listed and show 4 a day and not two......also might be listed for your new script in your charts.

    I not how upset this makes a try and correct something should be simple.

    Gentle hugs....let us know what happens..........Susan