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  1. cindy41

    cindy41 New Member

    I don't post often, but have been lurking here for years.
    I am so stressed right now. My 2 best "friends" have dumped me because both of them think I am not really sick. I tried to explain to both of them, that I just don't have the energy to go out any more. They think I am being very self centered.

    I also have been trying to quit smoking since Nov of last year and not doing too good with that. I have recently developed anxiety and other than work, no longer want to go out of my "safe" area.

    My husband is losing his job this week due to lay offs.

    Just started Cymbalta and hoping that will help with some of the symptoms.

    And to top it off I just had most of my teeth pulled last week and am trying to get used a partial plate.

    I feel so alone right now.

  2. kirschbaum26

    kirschbaum26 New Member

    Dear Cindy:

    I do not post often either, but know how you must be feeling. I have relatives in Illinois...Cary, Island Lake and Barrington. I am actually thinking seriously about moving there from the LA area. I love it in IL. I went to school in Wisconsin (Whitewater) and then worked for my uncle for 3 years near O'hare.

    About the friends...we have all gone through it. All you can do is give them the information about our illnesses and they have to make their own determinations. We cannot change their minds. I find that the friends that have stuck with me over the years, are the ones that are not "takers", and that our relationships are more balanced. Those are the friends that I want to have for the long haul anyway.

    Sorry to hear your husband is being layed off. Hopefully, he will be able to find another job quickly. You do not say what industry he works in?

    I have not taken Cymbalta, but did take effexor for 6 months and then paxil. They really did help during a tough time in my life (lots of stressors). Just be aware that Cymbalta may make you feel as if you do not have any emotions at all, things that really upset you before taking the meds, will suddenly not seem that important.

    Well, not really sure what else to say to you, just hope that you have support from other people besides these two "friends" and that things start to improve in your life.

    Good luck.
  3. cindy41

    cindy41 New Member

    for responding.

    I guess part of this is that I see myself pulling away from everyone and feel so lonely. I have a very small family, just husband and kids, and I think they are tired of dealing with me and this illness.

    I am tired of dealing with it myself.

    I live very near OHare. Have lived here most of my life. Don't like the winters, but other than that it is a good place to be.

    take care

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