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    This is sort of OT, but as CFS plays into the issue in a big way, it is also not really OT (if that makes any sense!)

    My parents have been in Florida (where my brother's family lives) for the winter. They are currently driving back home and they called me late the night before they left to tell me that they are bringing my oldest niece back with them. She is going to be here for a week and then will fly home.

    Nothing like advance notice and the chance to plan/pace my schedule so that I can see her! I have told my parents SO many times that I have to plan WAY ahead if I am going to have any chance of doing things. Apparently, that has not sunk in. I am seriously barely managing to get groceries bought and laundry done, and this week I already have a Dr appt scheduled that I need to go to. And there are a couple of other things that are not part of my normal schedule that fall this week. (Usually adding even one extra thing to my week means I will be crashing for AT LEAST another week.)

    I already knew that I would not be likely to be able to do all of them, but would have really liked to try to do at least one. Of course, I would choose seeing my niece over the other things, but I was not given the chance to try to rearrange things on my end or to see if they could rearrange their plans a little (which they do all the time and which would not have been a big problem for them). Then there is also the fact that this is PMS and period week for me, which always makes me feel a million times worse physically (& usually not so great emotionally either). Add to the that the winter kills me and as a result the end of the winter is about the worst time of the whole yr for me, and well, they pretty much picked the worst week of the entire yr that they could have. So much of this could have been dealt with if they had just given me a little advance notice (no, not all of it, but enough that it would have helped a great deal).

    I adore my niece and really, really want to be able to see her. If I am not able to see her, not only will I be very sad, but she will not understand and will be extremely hurt. She is thirteen and knows that I am sick, but doesn't really understand just how this limits me. She is already dealing with a lot, is very sensitive, and like I said, will be very hurt if I cannot see her while she is here (here being an hr away). I have a very hard time even riding in the car for an hr, let alone trying to drive it, and if they come this way, there is really nowhere for us to go, bc my mom is allergic to my cat (& by the time I am awake and functioning, a lot of the places where we could go are already closed). Staying over night at my parents' is an option, but it pretty much ensures that I will not get any sleep, so it's not a good option.
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    don't mean to be mushy but your post sure brought tears to my eyes.
    I completely understand all you are describing.

    If at all possible, try and i know you will, find a time you can visit your niece. Sounds you two adore one another. Maybe the over night parent's stay could be the best option. This could give you rest(lay down) during the day at your parents and more visiting time with your niece.
    If you drive, Possibly make a couple of stops to break up the hour drive.

    Your niece is thirteen now, she will have tons to talk about. Oh i bet you'll enjoy her company so much. However you plan all, i really hope you get through this best as possible.

    Thinking of you
    Enjoy your niece visit
    Gentle hugs
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    Sad to say, many of us can count on our families to aggravate our situation.

    Aussiewoman's suggestion sounds good to me. Would that work for you?

    Drop by the chit chat board. Almost everything is off topic over there.


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