stressing out over tomorrow's proceedure

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Grandma6, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Grandma6

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    I'm sure you're all getting sick & tired of hearing me whine about my colonoscopy that I am scheduled for tomorrow but I am really stressing out over it. I'm not going to complain this time but instead just ask for your prayers to help me calm down and get through this.

    So for you who have gone through this and given me so much needed advise and support, think of me at 5:00 PM tonight when I start all the prep stuff and as some of you have said, "will be hugging my toilet"and then tomorrow morning when they do this thing.

    And please remember my wonderful, supporting husband in your prayers because he is my rock and I need him strong tonight & tomorrow.

    Thanks to you all,
  2. cbrogan6

    cbrogan6 New Member

    I'm 28 and have gone through 3 colonoscopies, will probably have to go through another before long. I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 6 years ago, although I don't have many of the symptoms anymore. I haven't read your other posts, but I can imagine your stress!!

    Speaking from my point of view (and my mom's, who had her first a few months ago), the anticipation was much worse than actually going through it. Although I truly hated the prep, I was given like a gallon of this stuff to drink, and I am horrible at trying to swallow something I don't like. I hear it's not as much now, I never was able to drink it all. It's mainly inconvenient to have to be in the bathroom all the time, just don't make any plans for the evening & try to relax. The actual procedure isn't bad at all, they give you medicine that they say puts you in a "twilight" zone, but 2 of the times I was totally asleep. The one time I remember being awake, I could have cared less what they were doing. It's goooood medication :) And I have always found that the nurses are super nice and have always taken care of me very well.

    I know it's hard not to worry, but I hope I have helped give you a little more peace of mind. I will pray for you, Let us know how it went!
  3. JLH

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    No need to worry, Grandma6, everything will be fine!!!

    I have one a couple years ago. The worst part of the entire procedure was getting the IV put in before having it done!!! That's the truth.

    One I got into the procedure room, the doc said good morning and that's the last thing that I remember. I woke up and saw him in the room and ask him when he was going to begin .... then he laughed and said, dear we are already done!!! and ...everything was OK.

    I had no discomfort afterwards, or anything!

    GOOD LUCK and I will keep you and your hubby in my prayers tonight...

  4. FibroJo

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    Grandma try to relax. You are working yourself into a frenzy and it is truly a very simple procedure. The prep is worse than the procedure. I have had it done and they were done before I even realized they had done it!!!

    Try to get some sleep tonight and I will pray for your relaxation and peace of mind. After your done hugging the toilet, just ask your higher power to give you the peace of mind you need. Good Luck and keep us posted.
  5. Kat_in_Texas

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    I've never had a colonoscopy so I can't share any words of wisdom, but I will be praying for you to have a calm heart and spirit about it.

    Sending happy vibes your way!!!!

  6. Pianowoman

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    By this time tomorrow, it will be all over. I had no pain for about 4 days after because of the IV meds they gave me. I thought I'd found the cure for Fibro!!!

    Try to relax and there will be lots of prayers and good thoughts for you. Do let us know how it went.

  7. susiny1

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  8. shalimac

    shalimac New Member

    Hi Gma6
    Hope you're sleeping well by now. I've had several colonoscopies. Honestly, the worst part for me was drinking so much liquid is such a short period of belly felt like it does right after my mother's thanksgiving feasts! The other negative part was my anxiety before the first one. As others have said, they give you a great IV...and don't be afraid to insist on more before they begin...just tell them you're not relaxed yet, and feel no effects...insist on it. Then, just lie there and use your mind to relax your bottom, both inside and out, because if your muscles are relaxed, there is no resistance, therefore, no discomfort. If you're awake, they'll probably have a monitor screen that you can watch the whole procedure (internal) while they tell you what you're is fascinating. It's also very, very fast.
    Prayers for your relaxation,
    Godspeed, and a healthy colon!


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