stretching and charlie horses

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aabit, Aug 17, 2003.

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    I have a question about when you just stretch. when I am layin or sitting or what not, and I try to streach out my legs it feels like they are on the verge of balling up, is this normal? I was just dx with FMs and I am having a hard accepting it. I feel down cause my house seems to be falling apart since I have a 2 and 4 year old. Anyway, just meeded to know what all this is. thank you hope this all makes sense
  2. Mikie

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    Since being on the Klonopin, I do not have nearly the muscle spasms as I used to.

    Love, Mikie
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    Melenda, I don't think I welcomed you to the board, if I did just chalk it up to FM fog!

    What you are describing is muscle spasms. Along with the other advice you received, you can try Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) along with ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) both are available here at Pro Health see the link 'Store' at the top right of this page, you can read more about the magnesium and its benefits for muscle spasms.

    We all have a problem accepting these illnesses, they simply change our lives so much that we just want it to 'go away'!

    I have FM for over twenty years now, so I do know how you feel.

    Heres something else that will help with those spasms;

    A bath in;

    3 cups of Epson Salts (which is magnesium)
    3 bottles of Peroxide (large size)

    In a tub of water as warm as you can tolerate. Soak for TWENTY MINUTES ONLY. It will make you feel weak when you get out of the bath, so lay down for at least a half hour, or do this right before bed.

    It helps relax the muscles. A good hard rub will help also.

    I sure hope you get some relief soon, it is very hard with small children to deal with this illness. I raised three, I know how it feels.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl