Stretching Causes Fares - Anyone help me?

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  1. I have been having no success in stretching in my 6 years of having FM. I have tried videos, 4 separate PT sessions (2 were hydo), and trying on my own. I have tried as SLOw & easy as possible. I really have. Even in my bathtub - as gentle as possible. The 4 PT's have all given up because no matter how easy & gentle they are, my hips flare the most, left & right of tailbone second. I am in excruiting pain with no pain reliever. I just stopped walking because it will increase the pain until my legs go weak, Sitting is worse. I live with ice and biofreeze, sometimes moist heat. Can't find a doctor who will give out a duragesic (Fentenyl) pain patch which helped the last time this happened.

    Help - advice anyone?
    PS - have had exrays & mri - nothing is wrong[This Message was Edited on 09/25/2010]
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    I do not have Fibro, but I have injuries to my back and use an electric scooter. I try very hard to walk somewhat around home, otherwise the muscles will atrophy and that is a big fear to me. I have fallen as I have some nerve damage in one leg, but I continue to try.

    I'm thinking "out loud", and wondering if that with pain and cessation of walking, that attempts at stretching will always cause pain because the muscles may have atrophied.

    Just a thought, but how about discussion with your doctor about seeing a pain management specialist. I'm wondering if perhaps epidurals might help with pain for a longer time than the patch and it was the pain management doctor who did that with me.

    Good luck.