striational antibody? Madwolf? others???

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    While going over some lab reports from the past,
    I noticed that my striational antibody test
    was flagged and it said that it was detected
    at 1:40 titer. There was a note on the page
    mentioning m. gravis. I have researched this test and it always points to my. gravis. My other tests were okay
    except for high Complement c50 total.
    I wasn't told anything about these tests.
    Should I be worried about myth. gravis or I gather
    maybe you need more positive blood tests to
    diagnose that and I shouldn't worry about it. I recall
    mentioning this to my dr at some point but don't
    remember the answer (surprise). I don't have
    much faith in him anyway. Sigh.
    Any info much appreciated.
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    How long ago were these tests done? With the new ELISA assays they are doing now, the false negatives/positives are practically a thing of the past and even now these can be explained. These assays test for antibodies and antigens. The older tests were less reliable and were still being done as recently as four years ago. Talk to your doc and see if you have the option of having the assay redone. And yes, there are other tests to be performed to rule one way or another.

    With most antibody tests, the doctors don't seem to get too excited anymore with a titer of 1:40. That said, with the possibility of a disease process in progress, you should be able to convince him to redo your test.

    Sorry I could not help more,
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    Hi Lane,

    Yes, the tests were quite some time ago.
    They were actually performed by my dr's
    partner when he was out of town. I had a bad
    case of the hives and he ran a lot of tests. My
    FMS dr. doesn't like to run blood tests that often-
    ever! I am always asking him to run some and
    he never does. It is so frustrating. My chiropractor
    tested me for lupus and RA in 90. I wouldn't
    mind getting them done again but I know my dr.
    won't go for it. I wish it were easy to find good drs
    willing to do lots of bloodwork, etc.
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    I read about this website Healthcheckusa, from that book by Mary Shomon on autoimmune diseases. So I checked it out. You can order you own lab tests, without your doc's permission or perscription and they mail the results directly to you. I have used them twice and was very pleased with the set-up. I went to a local hospital's lab to have the blood drawn, it was all very appropriate and the prices were reasonable.

    You may want to give this some consideration.