stroke and cfids/fibro?

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    oard for awhileHi...Anyone had a stroke a d fibro at the sa e time? I've had cfids since 1993 and was so glad I didn't have fibro. But now it has reared it's ugly head and I've bee i terible pain for a month, Then ri I started with the stroke. I've had a lot of mini stroke in the last 6 months,but this is different. Much worse as my rightleg doesn't want to cooperate. I have doc. appt. on Tues. Will try to see neuro tomorrow.Refuse to go to er. Guess I will need to go to rehab. ( An hour away) Will have to stay there,so guess i won't see any friends for awhile. Now right hand is tingling. Maybe just neuropathy like my feet. Will try to be here to let you know where I'll be. I have enjoyed all of you so much and have learned from each of you. You are just wonderful,loving and caring people. Thanks again,LOL>Mary
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    I hope you do get to see a neuro and get the treatment you need.

    I read your profile and it made me smile, you have a lot of gumption for your age and still volunteering.

    I hope you dont have to stay in rehab too long.