Stroke Triggered CFS.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by DonKerr, Jan 19, 2014.

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    Hi folks. Male 68y/o, now retired. Stroke in January 2013.

    As stated, I woke one morning at 3 am unable to stand and face numb, left arm numb. Hospital recorded bp at 298/186 and pr at 300 bpm.

    CT scan showed no damage. 8 hours later they discharged me suggesting I see my gp.
    Since that day I have classic CFS. I have read many posts here of the traumatizing effect this has had on some of you and how your husband/wife/family etc has little or no sympathy.

    All my family live miles away, closest being sister 400 miles south of here and with her own problems of liver failure. Being on my own I can sleep, eat, work, watch tv or anything I like at any time I like, quiet a boon not having to accommodate others or their feelings....oh yeah....and I put the trash out when I feel like it .

    Before January 2013 I worked 16 hour days as required, slept maybe 7 hours or less, eat anything palatable and had a beer maybe twice a month. Now it is so different. 'Tired' doesn't really explain it. I can and have slept 17 hours straight with no bathroom breaks !...not once or twice, but many times a week.

    Feeling has returned 80% to my left arm and still little numb under my nose. balance comes and goes. Still tired after being asleep 12 hours. Takes three hours to get ready to face the world. Work about 1 hour and sit a spell, repeat as required.

    Walk the dog 100 yards at a time. I drive okay...according to my buddy. Mind very active. Do a lot of research on this and other medical studies.

    I have hissing sounds in my head on getting up and balance is not as good as it should be so no riding my motorcycle. I drink only filtered water with 2 ppm and no meat or fish, used to eat a lot of Alaska wild caught salmon. Now with the Fukushima disaster I stopped that, as my brother in Alaska says they check the fish being caught in the Bering Sea now with a Geiger Counter. He lives in Willow AK and has many buddies in the fishing industry.

    I can work for 3 to 6 hours every other day and I eat healthy and drink green tea and little coffee.
    As others have written, 'frustrating and depressing' is not really describing how I feel. My daughter in the UK who is 46 has MS and CFS and gets around in a mobility chair.

    My doctor took eight blood sample tests and only came up with low testosterone at 340 count whereas he said 400 is minimum he looks for, so I have had shots every month, but no change. I also take a capsule of iodine every change.

    This is not a cry for help or sympathy but a cathartic few minutes writing to let you all know that life kicks you in the jewels any damn time it likes!

    I sympathize so much with anyone fighting the effects of any disease and wish you all well. Before all this I never gave a thought to being sick or how being sick was so debilitating. I have Asperger's too and that has been difficult to live with until I was diagnosed with it many years ago.

    My daughter and granddaughter also have been diagnosed with Aspergers but only recently. Both live in the same house so they commiserate with each other. I have sent them a link to this board and hopefully they may find some solace here too.

    Enough already dk. Please feel free it input, it's 12:25 pm so I'm now off to make me some bread and butter baked bean sandwiches.

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    Hello Don

    Welcome to the board. Never heard of a baked bean sandwich, but I have read that in England folks sometimes enjoy beans on toast. I think it's the author's code for "not too much in the house to eat". Wikipedia says "baked" beans are often stewed. Not sure I understand this culinary fine point.

    I found a recipe for beans on toast. Who would think you'd need a recipe? But it did mention
    one additional (optional) ingredient: cheese.

    Anyhoo, as you may already have discovered, there are several boards on this one site. The Chit Chat Board provides some social life for those of us who don't get around too much anymore. If you go to "Forums" at the top of the page, you can find a list of the other boards. Just above, on the blue line, you can find the board rules.

    The "Porchlight" thread has been going for something like 7 years. It has no topic. Folks just drop in and chat about whatever topic they like: old cars, old music, movies, friends, annoying relatives, recipes, jokes (especially puns), triumphs and set backs, hobbies, books, memories. the neighbors, pets, snowstorms, meds, TV and things too fierce to mention.

    What kind of work were you doing that required 16 hours a day? I didn't do that even when I
    was healthy. Have to post a recipe for lemon bars.

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    Hi, Don,

    I'm glad you found us but am so sorry you had a stroke which triggered your CFIDS. Like you, most of us have found ways to cope and survive but I don't think one could call it living, at least, not at the level most of us were at before CFIDS took over our bods.

    Please feel free to visit our Porch threads where we discuss pretty much any topic. Also, the FMS/CFIDS forum here is a wealth of info from our very generous members.

    Welcome aboard.

    Love, Mikie