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    From a book I found today..


    Something happens to us when we struggle with
    physical or emotional or financial problems.
    Either we can become paralyzed by our problems,
    turning inward and getting hooked on the "angel dust" of
    pity, or we can defeat the inclination to turn inward and
    alllow God to help us grow through these difficulties.

    Struggling with life's difficulties makes us a little wiser, a
    little more capable, enabling us to comfort others who
    experience pain.

    Any difficulties we face in life are short live-lived; all rewards
    are eternal. A divine inheritance will be our reward for
    faithfulness to our heavenly Father. Our faithfullness to the
    Father is something we should renew daily--a priority
    for beginning our day.

    Father, thank you for carrying us when we struggle. We're
    grateful that you don't turn your back when we're in trouble.
    Help us not to minimize our struggle; yet, at the same time, help
    us recognize that any struggle we have is small in comparison to
    the Great God we serve.

    Life is so short, just a min. in real time. Let's remember who loves us undconditionally.
    Let's give back. Service is the best way to feel of His love, to feel that we are giving back.
    Jesus gave us that great example of service. He's still serving. We only need to remember
    the ultimate service that He and His Father did for us. He knows our pain. He knows what
    is best for us and when. He knows better than we ourselves do. All He asks is that we do
    our part. Do what we can to not only help ourselves, but others..through service, is that
    very important thing called love. I believe that is what it all comes down to, love. There is
    peace within that service and love.
    I am so thankful for the service and love that I see here on this board. Everyone wishing well, offering words of comfort, giving advice, offering prayers and thoughts. Thank you to all, love, Cynthia
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    Yes, what gives me hope and strength is that we are ever growing closer to the Lord. And he is using this time - these sufferings to transform us into the image of Christ - as we allow him.

    And Thank God an end will come to suffering! And meanwhile we can be the light and salt that Jesus spoke of in his parables.

    When I think I have so little to give, I think of Jesus praising the widow and the mite she gave.

    I've always loved what you've shared here, Cynthia. You helped so much in making the transition in the board, by sharing the friendship and love in your heart.

    God bless you,
    Love, Judy
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    Doing what we can, the best we can............

    Now, I'm wondering why my chickens aren't laying yet..I really do believe that they will any time now. The ones that I have now were born in Spring. I sold two, of course they turned out being the ones that were laying. Rain, I have been picking grass and a fav weed for them since summer. Plus, watermelon, their favorite. I have to be careful not to feed them too much greens and table scraps, they need the mash. I'm a learnin.
    On my Golden Retriever, the old guy, I have found more tumors...but the vet is impressed with how well he is doing with the supplements I have been giving him, plus more protien. The pup I got..another golden..loves the old guy so much. He follows him around like he's his mama...last series of shots for the pup tomorrow, give it a bit of time, then I can take him for walks..without the big guy along. He's doing well on a leash in the back yard.
    We've got a shop going up. As I type here, I'm wondering if I've already told you all this, but, maybe I'm putting something down a little different? :) Any way, my husband is finally getting a shop to work in. He's been saving for years. Pretty happy for him.
    Another grandson due in Dec. Whew, lots of boys born this year. She needs prayers, she had a stroke after her last, has waited around 8 years, and decided to give it a try again. Drs. are watching her carefully, and will really be on top of things after the birth.
    Hope everyone that has a garden is enjoying their goodies..we are. :) Plus, we have an apple tree, actually two, but one is some to neighbors. Plus a pear tree. Yummy!
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    I'm glad I came back on here and caught this. I have one in our dog house, plus, we knew about light in the chicken coop, and had decided that a heat lamp would be good also because it gets way cold here. Will talk with the hubby and have this taken care of the right way...thanks! No more eggs yet, so thanks again for that info, I'm sure they will lay sometime,
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    It's always to hear good news, and Cynthia, I was especially happy to hear of your new puppy! I'm sure he will bring you great joy.......and I wish healing for your old doggie pal.

    What a good feeling it is to be able to give away garden veggies and fruit! I'm sure people love you for it!

    I enjoy hearing you and Rain visit about your chickens....we had a lot of them when I was a kid, although I thought they were really easy to take care of. We just gave them chicken feed during the evening and they were outside "grubbing" during the day. Roosted at night and we had lots of eggs. Also butchered lots of them to eat...sorry, we were hungry!

    Your opening post of this thread was amazing to me, simply because today I was reading in my meditation book...and it was "God Shares Your Cares"...

    The good man does not escape all troubles--he has them too. But the Lord helps him in each and every one. Psalms 34:19

    As our shepherd, God guides us around all obstacles, and when we falter or fall, He carries our burdens and sometimes carries us. He is always here to clear the way, defend us from evil, share our trials, and lead us to eternal salvation. And yes, for all the miracles of birth...and even this life, we must give the glory to Him. Praise Jesus!........Jole
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    I like that, "God Shares Your Cares" Makes me smile.
    Your last paragraph reminds me of the poem..Footprints... :)
    How loved we are, for sure.
    love, Cynthia