struggling financially (I'm in the UK...)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shaz73, Jan 8, 2010.

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    Hi guys,

    Here I am doing my best to manage working 22 hours a week in a new job whilst having fatigue. Job going okay but now that I am doing just 5 more hours than previous job my council tax benefit is to be stopped, as I am earning too much! Are they kidding? I understand that there has to be a threshold but struggling to pay it now. The problem is that I changed jobs halfway through the month so had to negotiate paying half rent/council tax for November. Problem is, then had to pay shortfall AND December's AND of course it was christmas too. I owe over £100 on counci tax and have under £200 to last next two weeks. Where does the money come from? I have no idea.

    Added to that a washing machine that needs looking at which I havent been able to afford to do for two months (so have a stack of handwashing to do - more energy to use up there...), a shower door that has fallen down, and extremely cold temperatures with snow for two weeks with no sign of ending yet - so heating on more, like I can afford that!!

    I am a Christian and I am trusting in the Lord in all things - well I am TRYING to. Will have to bite the bullet and get another job to go with current one. But of course I dont know if I can actually physically DO another job.... This is truly a crap situation & am very low today.

    Thanks for allowing me to vent and moan here.

    Shaz x
  2. Bluebottle

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    Do go to the Citizens Advice Bureau to discuss your financial situation to see if you can claim any disability benefits whilst working, such as DLA etc. That's what they're there for.

    Benefits might also make you eligible for free home insulation etc through the council
  3. quanked

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    I find !itching and moaning to be quite helpful at times. Financial problems can put anyone down.

    Sorry about your tough situation. I do not know how social services work in the UK. Hopefully some other Brits will respond to your post.

    I hope that you can get some help. Getting another job may worsen your health problems which cannot be good.

    Keep us posted.

  4. shaz73

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    for your replies. Feeling better about all that stuff now, although obviously still have concerns about sorting stuff out. Fiance is going to help me out with the counci tax bill as he earns more money than me. Although I get annoyed I cant afford it myself!

    Bluebottle - I went through all the DLA stuff TWICE, going to appeals and everything and I still didnt get it so thats not gonna work.

    Aussiewoman - thanks for info on gumtree, have to give it a look sometime.

    Off to work this morning and praying that I will actually properly wake up today without too much caffeine...

    zzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzz


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