Struggling to cope with the weather and how it effects me

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 26, 2011.

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    I am so sick of rain or snow , cold days and less warm days. IN the months since last October the state of utah has had more snow than in the past 20 yrs. We had a very wet fall and now a long winter or a really wet spring.

    All the storms are taking a toll on my body, just when I think that the weather is going to warm up for a few days, it rains, the wind blows and we get snow {light}. With all the temp, changes and pressure changes my body keeps flaring and it seems to only get worse. just when I think I am feeling better and not in so much pain, the weather changes and the severe pain comes right back. This am I was so fatiqued that I struggled to stay awake. I slept till noon and then got up and dressed and met my daughter at Walmart and did a bit of shopping then went to her house to play with my 61/2 month old grandson while his mommy packed to fly out to La. to help her little sister drive back to Utah with three kids 6 and under.

    I didn't lift the baby just watched him play and then sleep, after watching tangled with my daughter I came home and was soo fatiqued that I was dozing off and it was a struggle to stay awake, I must have dozed off more than I thought as I am wide awake now and my whole body aches, my joints hurt to the touch, it does not matter which ones have arthritis as they all hurt.

    I am so sick of being in pain that does not go away or at least dull a bit. I have been flaring for over a month now or so it feels. I don't know what else to do. I am taking my meds like the dcotor said too, he changed my msconitn from 100 mg 1 time a day to 60 mgs twice a day and my msir has stayed the same I can take it up to 4 x a day, same with the soma...
    I feel like a barbie when she did a straddle split only her hips popped out of the sockets and mine only feel like they did. I keep getting shooting , stinging , burning pains that zip up and down my butt cheeks this oinly lasts a second or two but dang it hurts while it lasts.

    I dont' feel like this flare is ever going to end , I don't know what to do any more, I wish that I could have a massage but can't afford it , I didn't feel like driving to the gym and sitting in the hot tub as I only end up colder after sitting in the hot water and then getting dressed and driving the 4 miles home. I don't ever seem to get warm after that.

    I am so frusterated with my body and how it's not working right. I dont' know what to do any more and can't call my doctor as he is out of town again and there is only one rehumy that I can see. So I am up a creek with out a paddle.I don't want much just to have this pain eaes for a few days.
    Feeling like crying, but it would just make my eye's swell up and look funny.
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    Hi Rosemarie!

    So sorry you're feeling so crummy. I know what you mean about the weather affecting allergies and flaring up the pain! I live in Nevada where it is dry, dry, dry most of the year and I still suffer everytime the weather changes. It's the barometric pressure here that makes me suffer and the tempurature has been going up and down from the 40"s to the 70"s on and off for a few months! What I do is take out ye ole heating pad and take it on and off every 20 min. and it seems to help.

    It sounds like your pain meds are not working so good either. Maybe your rheumy will give you something else for awhile to help you out of your flare. You could at least ask, right? I take Vicodin 10/325, 3-5 times a day depending on how I feel and it works pretty good when I am in a flare. I also take Zanaflex, a muscle relaxer when my joints and muscles are hurting REALLY bad.

    I hope you are feeling better soon, take care hon

    Julie (Earthdog)
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    Like Jaminhealth replied, Gap just posted on the weather thing too. Very good info!!
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    For the past few months I have been in a world of hurt. Nothing like stress to let the fibro monster out to play. It really does not need much for it to act up and cause my muscles to ache, joints to throb, headache's, and more. My fibro monster knows that when I am under a lot of stress that it has an easier time to get on my nerves, right down to the last one.

    I thought that my year had started out great, our three daughters all were expecting during 2010 and we had 3 new grandbabies to add to the family. One grandson arrived in June , the next in October also a boy, and our granddaughter arrived 11 days after her her cousin Spencer she was born Oct 19th. So I thought that my fibro monster was finally undercontrol but it fooled me .

    Any way my fibro monster has gotten lose and does not want to be caged up any more, the more stress's I have the worse I feel, my mom was in the ER and then admitted to the ICU, spent a week in the hospital, she is now in a rehab unit and is slowly getting better.But I was still struggling with teh drviers license division about keeping my driving privladges, since I had admitted that I had a disability and took strong narcoitics. That being said my fibro monster went nuts more stress, I knew that I would have to take a driving test I didn't know that I had to take the written one as well. When I took the driving portion , I was not gone long adn didn't take what the examiner said as a good sign "For some reason you make my uncomfortable" "You dud nothing wrong but still I feel uncomfortable" I passed. This examiner does not pass 99% of the people she takes out to test yet she passed me.

    But having to explain why I needed to keep my driving privlages was nerve racking, I take my mom to the doctor, to the store, shopping, out to eat, and any where she wants to go. I spend days and nights in the hospital when she is ill as I know she does not like being alone. I was so paniced, and that panic was like candy for the fibro monster in side of me. It went nuts. I ached all the time, the pain was worse than ever, and I could not ask my doctor to increase my meds after asking him to reduce them. So I am up a creek with out a paddle. I can't sleep at night and feel like a newborn babe who has it's days and nights mixed up.

    Now my fibro monster is having so much fun as it has taken control of my nerves , muscles, bones, joints, my whole body, each day brings more aches and pains as the tempture cimbs and then drops, the barametic pressure is high and goes to low or in reverse, we have rain, snow, rain and snow all in one day, Now it is going on to ward May when we should be having spring flowers growing not snow flatteing the spring flowers.

    Oh can some one help me to find a way to catch my fibromonster and get it caged again, I don't know if it will ever be undercontrol again or if it really was under control . maybe it was my meds working after being on them for so long. I don't know? I just want this monster to leave me alone let me sleep, stop making my nerves ache, sting me , send sharp burning pain running down my butt cheeks yet only lasting a few seconds but still feeling like I had just sat on a tack or a pin.

    I am so sick of feeling like my bones are breaking, my muscles are knotting, my nerves messed up and not working right, I can't take it much more. I can't let the monster win, to be able to take control of my life, stopping me from doing what I want to do, play with my grandbabies all 7 of them ages 13 to 6 months old. 5 boys and 2 girls. I want to be a better wife who feels like being with her husband going out, doing things together.
    Cant' some one show me how to get the monster under control?

    Need help fast
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    Dear Rosemarie,

    I just read your reply, wish we could get on the boards around the same time! Seems like you are usually up late at night on the message boards having insomnia from the severe flare you are in and I am here on and off late morning till about 10 p.m. So sorry your flare is not getting better! Well, the fibromonster caught me this morning BIG Time!

    Had to take my pain pill, half a muscle relaxer and a 200 mg. Motrin and am still only a little bit better! Have you tried taking a Motrin or Tylenol to add to your pain meds if it will mix okay with other meds? Just an idea or taking a hot bath if you can get in and out of it? My DH has been telling me to take a hot bath for days then finally helped me in and out of the tub the other day. It really helped and I'm going to try that as soon as I finish writing this!

    My dr. told me it's okay to take extra pain meds when in a flare and then just back down when I feel better. Would that be possible for you to try? I would call and talk to the nurse at your drs. office and have her ask dr. then call you back. I don't want to give you the wrong advice. Make sure that you tell her that you are in a TERRIBLE flare and all of your symptoms!

    Well, gotta go get hubby to help me get into the tub now. I hope and pray for you that you will feel better. Try and keep the faith and maybe try to pray or meditate even if it's just for a few minutes at a time. that's what I do and it does help, I promise! I am very spiritual but not "religious" and look towards my higher power in times of great need. It also helps to pray for others and to thank God or whatever your higher power is and to be thankful for your kids, grandkids and DH!

    It WILL get better Rosemarie, it will!

    Faith and Hope, Julie :)
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    I am feeling a bit better , {knock on wood} the pain comes and goes . For the past two days it has rained off and on and yesterday we were to get snow.Thankfully it just rained a bit. Not too much but the tempture is staying cooler than normal, and that makes me feel worse, i am getting so tired of this. I am so tired all day long and if I don't make my self get up and move around I will sleep all day and then not be able to sleep at night.
    It is a real fight to make my self stay awake and move around the house, just loading the dishwasher wears me out. Hubby is working today

    I wish that I had some one that could help me to clean up my house or at least vaccum the floor for me as it is a mess and my old vaccum cleaner is hard to push and lacks any good suction.

    I took a long hot bath last night and had a hard time getting out. DH is deaf and has his TV on so LOUD that he can 't hear me yell when I need help. So I do it my self , my bath tub is so very shallow that it is hard to get out of. I have little suction pads in the shape of flowers and I sitck them on the tub floor and ususally I can get out my self with out too much of an issue. Since it was hard to get out I did not get the whole benifit of the long hot bath that I really needed and wanted. But it was better than nothing or having to stand and shower.

    I get frusterated with my self that I struggle to do things that I have always done and suddenly I can't do them. I really should get busy and go uptown to get a few things that my DH has forgotten to buy but I really don't want to go any where.
    Oh well, I guess i had better get dressed and get busy and at least finish loading the dishwasher and then go to town {Maybe}
    Thanks for all the support your giving to me, it really means alot to me and helps me too. Some one asked if I take advil or asprin , tyloneyl with my meds, I do take advil [not the brand name] having a loss of words to day.
    Thanks again.

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