Struggling to study & work with Chronic Fatigue

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shaz73, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. shaz73

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    I had to finally accept today that maybe I can't continue studying part time and working part time. Have spent all day trying to write an assignment due tomorrow and just getting so panicky, aching and tired when I try and organise it. I just can't THINK today at all. Its very frustrating but have finally given up on getting assignment done now. Obviously this will affect my overall mark this year, but its not worth getting unwell over is it?

    So why do I feel such a failure over it? I think this perfectionism, this trying to do too much is just not helpful. But how do you stop yourself doing it?! I dont HAVE to do this, I have had many blessings from God in my life in the last 18 months - my own flat, a part time job with lovely colleagues, lovely group of friends and have been seeing a lovely, caring, gorgeous guy for seven months who I just got engaged to. So why push myself so hard? I don't know.

    Thanks for reading...

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    I did this too, for five years to finish a degree. Eventually I realized I couldn't afford to have a social life at all during the semester, just stayed home and rested up when I wasn't working or in class. No movie dates or boozy evenings with girlfriends, definitely no sex life (just too tiring with everything else on my plate). By the time I was done the degree, I was too sick and exhausted to work in the field I had trained so long to enter... to work anywhere, in fact.

    The knowledge I gained from classes has entertained me through many hours of lying on the couch staring at the sky outside my window, but it really wasn't worth the money and energy invested to finish the degree with all the stress involved. If I am ever compos mentis enough to take another class, it will be solely for my own interest and pleasure, and if I fail because my brain is dead at the wrong moment, so be it.

    Try not to think of yourself as a failure! You're still a Work-In-Progress.
  3. shaz73

    shaz73 New Member


    Its good to know that people have been there themselves and understand what I have been going through. Still feeling a little anxious but glad I decided to not submit the assignment, although know it will have implications for my mark.

    I know I'm not a failure really, but sometimes its hard to convince myself. Must count my blessings for what I do have and what I can do.


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