Students of BUDDHISM... Sangha thread?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Rafiki, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. Rafiki

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    Would anyone else on The Path find a Sangha thread useful?

    with Metta,
  2. mezombie

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    but would love to learn more. I think it's a great idea! Count me in.
  3. Rafiki

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    is a big part of the practice and, it seems, we must exercise some until the others come out of the bushes.

    I am very stoopid these days and could not explain how to boil an egg so could not expound on Buddhist thought. However, in the company of other students we can all share our experience together which would be very nice indeed.

    I know that several people have mentioned that they were students of various teachers who have been mentioned from time to time on the board. I think they will come.

    Peace out,
  4. mezombie

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    This webpage should give you directions on how to access several talks on Buddhism you can download to your computer and listen to on your speakers (or an MP3 player). Unfortunately, my computer did some weird things while I was trying to listen to the first talk, and today my brain is doing some weird things, LOL!

    Anyway, Tara Bruch has a lovely voice and is easy to listen to. So if anybody wishes to, download the talk, make yourself comfortable, and immerse yourself in a little Buddhism!

    Here's the link:

  5. Rafiki

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    Rafiki ~ aka Deadhead

    PS I accidentally dated again, God help me!
  6. OpheliaP

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    Would LOVE to have this thread! Hubby is on the path and has encouraged me to get on board, and although I'm a novice, already finding a lot more inner peace.

  7. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Why don't we all read something together that we can access on the net and we can talk about it.

    We could read one thing each week. Perhaps we can take turns finding and recommending readings.

    I have great admiration for His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and would recommend: "Compassion and the Individual -- The Purpose of Life" as a place to begin because of it's breadth, the fact that it requires no prior knowledge of Buddhism and that it addresses how a peaceful mind effects physical suffering.

    I'm open to any and all readings, though. I enjoy every tradition but one (I do not study New Kadampa) and find great wisdom in almost every teacher.

    I hope others join us.

    So, what shall we do next?

  8. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Lama Surya Das is very cool. Would you like to choose something from his site for our next reading if we do HHDL this week? I'm listening to stuff from his chant room right now.

    You'll have to paste and copy as there are books etc. for sale so we can't paste the link. HHDL has nothing for sale... whew!

    Oh, and we'll have to get Pema in here, too. She's a Buddhist Nun who studied with Chogyam Trungpa who was this wild but brilliant monk who practiced "Crazy Wisdom" in the 1960s/70s. Anyway, Pema went on to be a very well respected Buddhist teacher (Bill Moyer has interviewed her) who has written many fantastic books and who has ME!

    So much wonderful stuff to explore!!!

    Ok, I hope I'm not being pushy by suggesting we start with HHDL and just keep on going. Yeah?

    with metta,

  9. OpheliaP

    OpheliaP New Member

    sounds like a great place to start. I'm in!
  10. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I have been looking for my nearly 40 year old paperback copy of Siddhartha for ages now! I bet that one of my old husbands has two copies! But, hope springs eternal and, every once in a while, I go looking.

    I think we're just going to stay in the heart for a while and let our poor suffering intellects rest.

    I am not expecting spiritual or philosophical intellectual gymnastics, just musing, dancing and hijinks.

    I think our aim here should not be to be clever but, rather, to be happy, compassionate and healthy.

    If we have outbreaks of cleverness, we shall simply consider them herxes!

    with metta,

    PS we don't want to scare the new kids!

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  11. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Rafiki I am going to just read along with everyone here but not be in the conversation too much. Buddhism and mediation is so intense and I don't feel I have the sense or concentration right now to add any intelligent ideas.

    I printed off the article "Compassion and the Individual" to read. I hope I can understand it.

  12. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    Oh, Rafiki, thank you for the reassurance! Like Budmickl, I am new to this, plus my brain is also not working as it should. Ovrwhelm, thanks for the correction to Tara Brach's name. As you can see, I am not exactly functioning with all cylinders!

    I will print out the passage you suggested, Rafiki, and will see if I can make sense of it offline.

  13. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    None of us can think! I'm so relieved! We can just be all confused, muddled heart. We can do that.

    I must say, as I write this I am wondering if someone snuck in last night and poured molten lead into my noggin. It's a heavy, dead place. Wait, it wasn't last night, I've been like this for weeks! So Stoopid!

    Do I think I'm writing English words when in reality I'm writing:

    sfiue efieyr sl neuyh slieurohj! eiufjpw lsi eiif ss ierhl?

    Should we all just come here for a while and say: OMG, I can't think! We can learn that not thinking is just fine!

    Maybe that should be our goal... to be ok with brain fog, to not fight it, not struggle, to let it be what it is... to practice drifting along on it the way a child drifts on a fever.

    I'm going to close my eyes and breathe and every time I think: I can't think! I'm going to turn my attention to just breathing. I'm taking a vacation from trying to think!

    Goodness me, that's the whole point!

    Peace out,

  14. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    When you don't have FM or CFS? I haven't been diagnosed with those curses, but I have been 'blessed' with depression. Some days, I feel like I have cotton in my head. Nothing is clear, I can't talk, walk, think.

    I do sometimes wonder if I have a very mild form of CFS but it could also be lack of ambition. Who knows?

    Anyway, I am going to take my reading assignment and go lay in the pool and bake and read. Maybe the heat will expand my brain so I can retain more of the info!

  15. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    What you described is brain fog!

    Is it ok if the rest of us do cannonballs into the pool or would you rather we be more sedate?

  16. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    I have the argeous task of cleaning the pool, now that b/f thinks I need to learn how. I wonder if that is his way of letting me know he's not coming back from NC?? Oh well, a different story, a differnt time!

    Just bring lots of sunblock, it's over 100 degrees for the 100th day in a row.

  17. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I was right there crying with you!

    Even standing outside in that cold rain beforehand was wonderful, somehow, wasn't it.

    I really do love HHDL!

    with much metta to you,

  18. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    just temporarily brain dead. I am expecting to resusetate, recusetate, resuscetate, uhm, resussetate, recussetate, rescusetate, rescussetate... come back to life one day.


  19. jasminetee

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    I didn't realize Pema Chodron has ME.

    I like to listen to Thich Nhat Hahn's talks. Here's a link for some of them:

    I read his books sometimes too. His talks put me to sleep but I'm glad they do since I cannot take sleep drugs. I saw him live a couple of times back when I was better than I am now and I slept through most of it. When I opened my eyes he was smiling at me, I was in one of the front rows.

    I find meditating helpful still even though I have gotten much worse and I suffer constantly now. Because of this I have changed the focus of my meditation. I have a meditation I like that's from a book called The Buddha Tarot that accompanies Buddha Tarot cards. Both are by Robert M. Place.

    This is what I found from it online:

    7. Getting Old, Weak (The Chariot -Cancer)

    Themes and Possibilities:

    Protection; discipline; winning; speed; movement; travel; being a hero; achieving a goal; travelling on the spiritual path. The Chariot is carrying a wise old man on the journey to enlightenment.

    Sickness, aging and death come to everyone without choice. Our bodies are getting older as each moment passes, there is no way to prevent this, but accept it in our hearts. So, don't be so surprised and unhappy when our bodies get weaker and less attractive. Accept the facts that our bodies are prone to disease. So, when illness comes we will be better able to handle it. When we are sick, we will be able to have a calm mind. A good attitude will automatically help us to get better. It is often the fear associated with having a disease which disturbs and weakens one's whole system. A clear mind free of fear can have a healing effect on the body.

    Fear is attachment, clinging to something, holding on and not letting go. But, there is nothing you can truly hold onto in this life, including your body. You will gain strength from this understanding and the fear will also disappear. When the mind is free of fear and free of anger, it can help heal your whole system.

    Some of this works for me and some of it doesn't because CFS/ME is not something we can heal I don't care how good we get at learning to Let Go. I've noticed that most Buddhist teachings about sickness don't address my situation with CFS/ME. They worked well for me when I was well.

    The meditation that I found in the book The Buddha Tarot that works for me now goes like this:

    Contemplate on the nature of the Earth Element within yourself. Think of your bones, hair, skin and teeth. Think of these as you would rocks and sticks and soil. This is not your true self. Think of these with detachment.

    Now contemplate all aspects of your body that are liquid. Your tears, blood, sweat and saliva. Notice that this liquid in your body is no different from the element of water. Think of water in the ground, oil and sap. This is not your true self. Think of the watery elements in you with detachment as you would think of a puddle or a stream.

    Now contemplate the parts of your body that are fiery. Think of chewing and digestion. Think of the energy it takes to do things with your body. Then picture a flame and realize that it is similar to the fiery elements in your body. Think of the fire within with the same detachment you think of fire on the stove.

    Now contemplate the wind within in your body. Notice how the breath moves in and out of your body through your nose and into your lungs and out again. This wind is the same wind that is blowing through the trees. This wind is not your true self. Think of this wind with detachment as you would a breeze that blows by.

    With your inner eye look inside your body and contemplate the spaces that you find within. There are air passages and spaces for food to go in. Think of the space between the molecules and atoms. The vast majority of an atom is all space. How is this space different from external space? Space is not your true self. Think of space with detachment.

    Now contemplate Tara. If you are not the earth of your body, not the water, not the fire, not the air, not the space, what are you? There is only consciousness. Contemplate your consciousness. As you contemplate Tara, look at each thought and examine it. If a thought comes up that is related to the needs and pleasures of the body let go of it. Feel it moving up and out the top of your head. This thought stems from what is not you. :) If a negative thought such as fear or anger comes up, do not dwell on it. Let go of this thought also. These thoughts are not you. Close your eyes. Watch as these thoughts come into you and watch as they leave. When these thoughts cease look beyond these thoughts to what is still there. If a light appears that is not a thought contemplate that light for as long as you desire.


  20. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    for this wonderful post.

    (Today, stringing words together is a huge feat for me. forgive me!)

    How marvelous to wake the way you did!

    I very much enjoyed what you wrote and quoted here. I find both teachings true and both bring a sense of real peace. The second teaching contains wisdom I have encountered in Buddhist traditions although I have not encountered Buddhism and Tarot... how interesting!

    I wish I could think. I cannot! I will again.

    Thank you, again, for this wonderful, enlightening post!