Study of herbal treatments for Lyme disease

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    Hi, all.

    Here's a new report on an in vitro comparison of the effectiveness of Samento and Banderol to doxycycline on three forms of Borrelia burgdorferi. These herbal treatments are part of the Cowden protocol:

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    Thanks for posting this, it's been a while since I've read Townsend...
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    I ckd out out the protocol but for some reason i thought it wasnt for me. Cant remember why of course cos that was two days ago. The ppl on msg boards didnt seem to be having much success from what i read. Maybe there are others who have had good results. Im not thru checking this one out yet. Theres so much out there! I did somehow manage to end up at quackwatch and it really made me mad. Its obvious whoever runs that site has never had lyme.
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    I posted about it a couple weeks ago on the main board. It's run by Stephen Barret MD who tried to make himself an 'expert witness' to make a living. He's ended up with little to no credibility because (f I remember right) basically he'd sued some people and then they sued him back and won.

    The really sad thing is all the times he's testified as an 'expert witness' when he doesn't appear to even have credentials as a psychiatrist as he'd claimed (if I remember right). Hard to keep up with it all, but here's a site about him, run by someone he'd battled with and lost:
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    That was a very interesting link victoria. Thanks for posting it. Barrett apparrently is a boob.
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    Hi, this is off subject, but I saw your name and wanted to give you feedback. (I haven't been on this board for a long time).

    I was one of the first to try your simplified methylation protocol. It helped for about 2 months, and then stopped. Well, I found a Lyme literate doctor, who ID'd the disease (I'd had the diagnoses of CFS and FM before that). He's been treating me for about 3 years now, and the infections have been brought under control (mostly). I still have symptoms of FM and CFS.

    But, what I wanted you to know is I found out in treatment that I also have a blockage of the sulfuric detox pathway. Now, I'm taking supplements for the methylation and sulfuric detox pathways, and feel they are successful. When I stop taking the supps, I can tell right away, but--I'm still not well, so there's more to it than that.

    I appreciate your efforts, and they have benefited me and my Lyme literate doctor who, as he puts it "is learning off the seat of his pants." He appreciates the research I bring in, since he's way too busy to do it himself.
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    I have never heard of the sulfuric detox pathway (barely understand the methylation pathway lol). What is this? What kind of symptoms does it cause. Thanks.
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    I haven't either, re the sulfuric detox pathway... more info, if you have it, please?

    Muchas gracias!
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    I'm sorry to take so long to answer!

    I can only give the information that I know as a patient. When I was given my first glutathione push, I didn't feel better at all. The LLMD said that shows I have a sulfuric pathway blockage, and need to have 2mg of molybdenum added to the mix. Then I felt the benefits, which confirmed the diagnosis.

    This is what the Dr has me do on a continuous basis for this blockage: I take cholestryamine on an empty stomach, twice a day (or should, half the time it's once a day). The first few months I did that I lost about 50 pounds and ended up at the low end of normal weight for my height, and then stablyzed there. That was a steady drop of about 1/2 pound a week, and then it stopped at my ideal weight.

    It was explained to me that the Cholestryamine was invented to be taken when eating. It was supposed to lower cholesterol by clinging to fat cells so that they aren't used. Very simplistic thinking there, since the body needs healthy fat. Anyway, the product failed because it causes constipation. So now MDs use it to stop diarrhea.

    The body puts toxins in fat cells to be escorted out of the body, and my body wasn't completing the process. I put on weight while exercising and being very careful with my diet--no gluten, no chemicals, limited sugars and starches, mainly healthy ones. Anyway, once I started this regimen of not eating for one hour, taking the cholestryamine, and then waiting another hour before eating a thing, the weight just melted off. I take Vit. C to tolerance, so I don't have the side effect of constipation. Cholestyramine doesn't leave the digestive tract, so just the fat cells that are escorted to the digestive tract to be eliminated are the ones that come into contact with the stuff.

    A few months ago, I went off treatment, and the symptoms that remained, most of them, continued to go away. Recently, some of the symptoms have started to come back, including weight gain. The doctor wants me to resume treatment, but I'm noticing that my stomach is slow to empty lately. Acid reflux is starting back. I'm taking a course of Candida treatment, and am getting products to work on my digestive health. I'm using coconut products more in my diet, which I have neglected lately. Hopefully, all this will help me avoid ABX treatment, because I'm just on the edge of needing it.

    In fact, a few days ago, I started waiting longer to take the things that need to be on an empty stomach, and have gotten strict about the carb levels, and the weight gain has stopped, and may even be edging down. That cholestryamine really does need to be on a totally empty stomach to work.

    My husband lately has had a hard time losing weight, and he's really putting effort into it. So he tried taking the cholestryamine for a while, and it didn't help him at all. So, it's not a diet plan for everyone--just those with a blocked sulfuric detox pathway.
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    Thanks for the mention of molybdenum.
    When I also began a health building diet of no gluten, no casein, no processed starch, I quickly lost 70 pounds of adipose. I also think switching to coconut oil, cocoa oil, red palm oil, and heavy cream helped (especially the coconut oil). I also occasionally take a DHA and a CLA supplement. My Fatty Acid Profile C12-C22 cameback that I am too high in omega 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and low in saturated fat. I am also low in Palmitoleic acid, so I have been eating more macadamia nuts, liver, eggs, and less fish.
    I use FOS and Inulin as prebiotics for gut health.

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    I guess I should've started a new topic thread instead of popping in on this one...
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    as I said in another thread, I'm suffering from IOS/Information Overload Syndrome.
    LOL, but, I'm not kidding. It'll take me some time to re-read and digest...

    CounselingUSAOnline: Welcome, I notice you're a new member? In what area(s) do you counsel? It'd be great if you could fill in a little about yourself on your profile/'about me' section.

    In any case, since you've posted on this forum, you're automatically a membr of the unofficial 'Die Lyme Die Club'; lots of company, as we all know.