Study: Resveratrol improves hippocampal atrophy in mice.

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    From the Co cure Archives.

    Note: Resveratrol more effective than CBT in increasing activity in
    mice with CFS. More seriously, an animal model is a key step in
    developing a model of a disease. The pros are mice are inexpensive to
    use and unlike humans can be sacrificed to study internal organs and
    damage. The drawbacks are they are not humans so extrapolation to
    humans cannot always be made.

    Biol Pharm Bull. 2011;34(3):354-9.
    Resveratrol improves hippocampal atrophy in chronic fatigue mice by
    enhancing neurogenesis and inhibiting apoptosis of granular cells.
    Moriya J, Chen R, Yamakawa J, Sasaki K, Ishigaki Y, Takahashi T.

    Department of General Medicine, Kanazawa Medical University.

    Neuroimaging evidence showed structural and/or functional
    abnormalities existing in the central nervous system, especially the
    hippocampus, in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients.

    However, its pathophysiologic mechanisms are unclear in part due to
    the lack of an applicable animal model. We established a chronic
    fatigue murine model by six repeated injections of Brucella abortus
    antigen to mice, which was manifested as reduced daily running
    activity and hippocampal atrophy.

    Thereafter, resveratrol, a polyphenolic activator of sirtuin 1, was
    used for treatment in this model.

    Daily running activity was increased by more than 20%, and the
    hippocampus was enlarged after 4-week resveratrol therapy.
    Furthermore, resveratrol inhibited neuronal apoptosis and expression
    of hippocampal acetylated p53 in the fatigue mice. Resveratrol also
    improved neurogenesis and expression of brain-derived neurotrophic
    factor mRNA in the hippocamous.

    We concluded that repeated injection of B. abortus antigen could
    induce hypoactivity and hippocampal atrophy in mice. Resveratrol may
    be effective for improving fatigue symptoms and enlarging the atrophic
    hippocampus by repressing apoptosis and promoting neurogenesis.

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    How can mice have CFS/ME when most authorities both here and in the UK claim CFS/ME does not exist (if it is all in our heads then to me that is the same as saying that it does exist)?

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