study shows ME/CFS virus link, found in children.

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  1. hi all, ive just read this today on bbc site.

    at last proof that its not in our head, (mental health issue),but in our blood.

    study shows ME/CFS virus link,found in children.

    a study on children has found further evidence that ME,or chronic fatigue syndrome,could be caused by a virus.

    scientists at the university of dundee study,found abnormalities in the white blood cells of children with ME/CFS,suggesting they had been fighting off infection.

    the report,published in the archives of paediatrics and adolescent medicine,said abnormalities were found in the blood of all children with ME/CFS.

    the results were simular to those previously identified in adults with the condition.

    samples taken from youngsters with ME/CFS contained higher than normal levels of free radicals-molecules that can damage cells,tissues and organs.

    professor jill belch,an expert in vascular medicine at ninewells hospital dundee,who led the latest research project,said,what weve found are blood changes that suggest chronic inflammation.

    this is important because its showing an abnormality that we might be able to devise a treatment for,but its also important because some people do suggest that ME is a disease of the mind,and here we are showing that it is a disease of the body.

    dr neil abbot,of ME research uk,said it was fascinating to discover evidence of a persistent or reactivating viral infection.

    although the cause of ME is unknown,more than half of all patients say their illness started with a infection,he said.


    theres more on this at the bbc so happy ,as now they have proof that its a body/blood illness.and not a mental health issue.

    take care fran
  2. hi all,

    i did get ill after having had a caught glandular fever off my 3 yr old son,who had caught it at nursery school.his teacher also had it.

    i dont know why some of the children got better from this,and then me and both of my children remained in a flare up state,over many years.but thats what happened to us.we still have flare ups now.

    if a blood test becomes available,and it isnt too expensive,id like my children, as well as myself,to have the blood test done.

    i dont say anything to my kids,but i see in them, signs of the ME/CFS

    when i was pregnant with my first child,a nurse asked me,,has anyone in your family got,or had,rheumatic fever ?

    i said that my mother had got that,when she was a child,and been totally grandma had thought she would die at the time.

    mum did live a long life,but it was a very poor quality one.

    anyway enough of that,i want to keep negative thoughts out of my mind,as part of my healing process.

    another time i remember was i,d been bitten with something in the had gone all the way up my spine.

    years later im told id caught a brain bug,it had travelled up my spine and affected my brain, and this is now how i have to live,and forget what i used to be,before i got ill.

    funny thing though,i went to hospital in those early days for their help,and they said it was migraine..

    i was sent turned out to be a brain inflamation event was horrible.and no one helped just glad i survived it.

    they didnt know what bug it was,or where i,d caught it from.

    ive always suspected that i had a bug in my body, that changed things,and i knew i wasnt mental.

    take care all,things are getting better for us ME/CFS sufferers,and its about time.

    love fran

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