study-shows we are not hypochondriacs!

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    I've been studying CFID a lot to understand and help myself and was delighted to come across this one.

    The psychiatric status of patients with the chronic fatigue syndrome.
    Hickie, Ian, Prince Henry Hosp, Div of Psychiatry Mood Disorders Unit, Sydney, NSW, Australia
    Lloyd, Andrew
    Wakefield, Denis
    Parker, Gordon
    British Journal of Psychiatry, Vol 156, Apr, 1990. pp. 534-540.
    Page Count:
    United Kingdom: Royal College of Psychiatrists.
    Other Journal Titles:
    Journal of Mental Science
    0007-1250 (Print)
    1472-1465 (Electronic)
    major depressive episodes & psychiatric status, 15–63 yr olds with chronic fatigue syndrome
    Of 48 patients (aged 15–63 yrs) with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), 22 had had a major depressive (nonendogenous) episode during the course of their illness, while 7 had a current major (nonendogenous) depression. Ss were interviewed by a psychiatrist and completed such measures as the General Health Questionnaire and the Eysenck Personality Inventory. The premorbid prevalence of major depression (12.5%) and of total psychiatric disorder (24.5%) was no higher than general community estimates. The pattern of psychiatric symptoms in CFS Ss was significantly different from that of 48 patients with nonendogenous depression but was comparable with that observed in other medical disorders. CFS Ss were not excessively hypochondriacal. Psychological disturbance is likely to be a consequence of, rather than an antecedent risk factor to, the syndrome. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)