Study: Soy substance might help fight Disease

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    Study: Soy substance might help fight MS
    Dec 13, 2006, 14:30 GMT

    PHILADELPHIA, PA, United States (UPI) -- U.S. scientists say a natural substance made from soy appears to have restorative powers when given to animals with a multiple sclerosis-like disease.

    Using an animal model of MS, neurologists at Jefferson Medical College found a substance called Bowmann-Birk Inhibitor Concentrate dramatically improved the animals` ability to move and walk.

    Led by Dr. A. M. Rostami, a professor and chairman of the college`s Department of Neurology, the researchers said the treatment`s effects might be useful in conjunction with more mainstream therapies, such as beta-interferon, in helping patients with M dnd other diseases.

    Rostami noted the animals involved in the study were not cured, but regained their ability to walk with some limp or weakness.

    'The results are promising because this is a safe, natural compound from soybean and is given orally,' he added.

    The scientists said they are not sure how BBIC works in multiple sclerosis, but they theorize it suppresses the immune response to some extent, in addition to inhibiting proteases.

    The researchers report their findings in the current issue of the journal Multiple Sclerosis.

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