Study suggests sinusitis is linked to CFS

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    An article in a journal in August (Archives of Internal Medicine, 2003;163:1832-1836) says a study of a small group of patients suggests "rhinosinusitis symptoms are significantly prevalent in patients with chronic fatigue." It also says "these findings are in agreement with the otolaryngologoical literature suggesting that endoscopic sinus surgery can resolve the fatigue and pain in these patients."

    It also says the study was limited because of small size, possible observer bias,etc., and that they need to do more research to see if sinus treatments alleviate fatigue and pain.

    Did any of you ever have sinus surgery and did it help your CFS?

    Alice N.
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    I have heard a lot of horror stories about Sinus Surgery, so I really think it is much easier on your body to try out OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) to see if that could work for you.. It is highly effective (if you are not allergic to it) in the Chronic Sinusitis area..and usually works within one to two weeks...

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    I've had two sinus surgeries and it hasn't helped much with the CFS/FM pain because the infection is deeper and I wasn't given the right antibiotics strong enough or long enough.

    Most people can recover if an infection is treated promptly but if it is left festering for years it becomes harder and harder to treat and other infections are easier to catch. Osteomylitis of the rhinosinus is especially difficult to treat.

    I will say that I would do it again, because the surgery was to correct a functional problem and this was the first step to treating the chronic infection. Also, it did get rid of my severe headaches. However, anyone contemplating sinus surgery should have tried very hard to resolve the infection with every means possible before hand.

    The study didn't resolve CFS in all the patients. It would be more productive to find a better way to diagnose and resolve the functional problems and treat the deepseated infections much more agressively. Right now doctors are happy to operate, but if you aren't better it's too bad. This is why there are over 30 million in the US with sinusitis and little help.

    Surgery is only good for functional problems such as septal spurs and deviated septums. If you have a infection and no functional problem other than enlarged turbinates, go with antibiotics and other remedies.
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    I was wondering if that goes for fms too, it could explain why some of us get relief when taking Guaifenesin.

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