Study: Vitamins Tied to Prostate Cancer

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    Study: Vitamins Tied to Prostate Cancer

    May 15, 11:17 PM (ET)

    WASHINGTON (AP) - There's more worrisome news about vitamins: Taking too many may increase men's risk of dying from prostate cancer.

    The study, being published Wednesday, doesn't settle the issue. But it is the biggest yet to suggest high-dose multivitamins may harm the prostate, and the latest chapter in the confusing quest to tell whether taking various vitamins really helps a variety of conditions - or is a waste of money, or worse.

    Government scientists turned to a study tracking the diet and health of almost 300,000 men. About a third reported taking a daily multivitamin, and 5 percent were heavy users, swallowing the pills more than seven times a week.

    Within five years of the study's start, 10,241 men had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Some 1,476 had advanced cancer; 179 died.

    Heavy multivitamin users were almost twice as likely to get fatal prostate cancer as men who never took the pills, concludes the study in Wednesday's Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

    Here's the twist: Overall, the researchers found no link between multivitamin use and early-stage prostate cancer.

    The researchers speculate that perhaps high-dose vitamins had little effect until a tumor appeared, and then could spur its growth.

    While similar but smaller studies have suggested a link, too, more rigorous research is needed, caution the National Cancer Institute scientists. This newest study involves men who voluntarily took vitamins, and those most at risk - perhaps because they had a family history of the disease - may have been more likely to take the pills in hopes of avoiding their fate.

    Still, "the findings lend further credence to the possibility of harm associated with increased use of supplements," Dr. Christian Gluud of Copenhagen University Hospital and Dr. Goran Bjelakovic of Serbia's University of Nis wrote in an accompanying editorial.

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    this morning on's pretty scary....I take lots of supplements but at the dosage they advise.

    We are always being told different things about foods and supplements, I would hate to think I'm spending a small fortune on supplements only to hurt myself.

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    Good thing I don't have a Prostate cause I've taken enough Vitamins to choke a horse, also minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, fish oil, herbs and other supplements. Even if I DID have a Prostate, I'd still not worry about taking vitamins. What the article said was HIGH DOSES. How many times the RDA do they consider high? Who knows. But taking RDA and even highER, is not considered HIGH DOSES.

    The Mayo Clinic says, (Not that I give a rats' behind what the Mayo Clinic says, but some might)

    Certain drugs, vitamins and minerals may reduce your risk of prostate cancer, a strategy known as chemoprevention. Current research does not support the routine use of any drug or nutritional supplement to prevent prostate cancer. Yet several chemical agents show potential benefits.

    jaltair, I see you like RV lifestyle. So do I. We spend summers in ours at a camping resort at the beach in Maryland. I love it.[[This Message was Edited on 05/16/2007]
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    Hi, I've just read this post....
    My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer last July.
    He'd had no symptoms at all and it was by chance that his GP did a PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood test.

    The result was 4.3 (slightly raised) so he had to wait for six months and have another blood test done and that was 5.4.

    He was sent to see a urologist and had all the tests done, biopsy, camera etc. He was very blase about it all as he thought it would just be an enlarged prostate.

    It was quite a shock when they told him that they'd found cancer and then they sent him for an MRI which showed that it had spread to his lymph.

    They gave him four treatment options and he decided to have radiotherapy and hormone implants.

    The thing is that my husband has never taken multi vitamins or any other supplements either. He doesn't believe in 'popping pills' unless it's from his GP for a specific reason...i.e. infection.

    I suppose some people 'do and have' and there are always exceptions to the rule.


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    The specifics of the study need to be examined and analyzed by knowledgeable people. &, Did they disclose any possible conflicts of interest.

    I am guessing but usually these types of studies have been conducted with inappropriate amounts &/or types of supplements etc... industry is getting good at slanting info whichever they want, pro or con anything. Yes, that includes pro supplement industry too.

    Most things are not meant to be taken at high dosages for long periods of time anyway, for most reasons, without at least some kind of monitoring.

    all the best,

  6. therealmadscientist

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    Just some factoid stuff: Eating polar bear liver can be
    fatal. I think that vitamin A
    concentration is extremely high.
    Also, be careful of undercooked
    bear meat. A parasite (trichinella) can be fatal if in high concentration.

    The PSA test can be elevated because of "excess" manipulation. Tell significant other not to fool around with you, or with self, for a day before test if want to get lower result.

    Just some valuable life tips. Cheers, mr Bill

  7. jaltair

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    Thats good! Discussion. Ill be keeping an eye on the news re this and see what transpires.

    My hubby takes multi-vits, and a hoard of other supps. He hasnt stopped and probably won't. I have always had problems getting pills down, and I also have a doctor friend who told me to get a multivitamin and just take one a day and that would take care of anything I wasnt getting by diet (someone mentioned that already) - so I do that rather than take the handful my husband does.

    elliespad, yes we are in our travel trailer and have lived in it too long now. Its fun for short spurts, but 2 1/2 years! A little too long. Cant wait until we get to our home to stay this next January!

    Take care all, and take care of those prostates out there!

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    Well how very sweet of you Jaltair. Mine has been infected for 25 years....I take tons of supplements :(

    Y'all be ever so well now,

  9. victoria

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    most alternative doctors I've met recommend at least taking a week off per month or pulsing supplements in some way if one intends to keep taking a lot of supplements regularly.

    In fact, that's what my husband does, takes one day off per week. Supplements have helped him tremendously with prostate, atypical bell's palsy, energy, gums, eye pressure, and some other things for past 12+ years.

    Makes sense, too, after watching my son pulse abx for lyme, has made a difference as it allows his immune system a rest (luckily lyme is relatively slow-growing).


  10. rockgor

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    around this ranch I've got lots of vitamins and prostate cancer too, but they're not tied to each other.

    I've read most guys past 60 have prostate problems. But prostate cancer is a very slow killer. Takes ten years or something. Course I've had it for ten-12 years.

    But I've got Alzheimer's too, so who wants to wait around.
    My cousin had prostate surgery, but he was a youngster of 40 so that was sensible.

    I've had half a dozen surgeries. I figure I've got a complete set of scars and tattoos now. Don't need anymore.

  11. Fmandy

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    Are you cancer free now, if I may be so bold as to ask? I sure hope so my dear friend and swami :)

  12. rockgor

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    I remember when Al Joelson used to sing that. Swami, Swami, How I love ya, How I love ya, My dear old Swami...

    Thank you for your kind note. I saw le doctair today. He wants me to come in for a complete checkup next month.

    He told me I didn't have Alzheimer's. I have a mild cognitive impairment. So I looked it up.

    Top of the page it says "Alzheimer's" in big red letters. Underneath it says cognitive impairment is the transition or beginning stage of Alzheimer's. Boy, that doctor's got a great sense of humor.

    Nah,I haven't done anything about the prostate situation.
    I think it's time for me to take a nap.