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    As we all are always on the search to feel better. I am taking Effexor 37.5 once a day- AM, Vitalert (energy multi-vitimin from walmart)-AM, Maca for energy and stamina 2-3 times a day AM & Afternnon, L-tyrosine 1000mg for energy and mental clarity -afternoon,Vitamin ester C 1000 mg to ward off infections -afternoon, One-Day weight smart multi-vitamin -afternoon, Clam forte (homeopathic got it at walmart) along with 3mg Melatonin along with 2 tylenol PM, and 2 tablets of calcium,Magnesiun & zinc combo for sleep.

    I am feeling better but combo still not complete as I research for help. But I was able to ride stationary bike for 10 minutes yesturday and was able to clean a lot of the house today. I have been battling CFS & FM for 2.5 years now but was only recently diagnosed.

    I have been thinking of trying dexedrine is anyone on this and does it help? Anyone in Grand Rapids, MI? What works for you for energy and good sleep?


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    For energy Im using Provigil- For sleep I use flexeril15mg
    Ambien 10mg and 2 ZMA has worked for me.
    Love, Selma
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    darn insurance won't pay for it for CFS I have to have narcalepsy (sp?), which I don't have. But I am getting a sleep study in May so who knows. It cost $189.00 to buy the drug without insurance. How does it make you feel?