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    Found this in the paper....If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Fibromyagia. Call us about a new clinical research study 866-787-4257 or go to Might not be worth a hill of beans but, shared it with my daughter and you.Who knows?.... I'll keep looking and share. Thanks to all for your support and suggestions. Hope you all had a good day. You guys and gals are great!........Lotta love Rick
  2. stumped

    stumped New Member

    Thanks Kina, I had no time to investigate but, looking for anything new. You have a good point..........Rick
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    Cymbalta is an anti-depressant that also works on pain for SOME people. There are strong feelings against anti-depressants on this board, feeling that their use is only addressing any depression caused by being disabled. It is true they are used to treat the secondary depression - but they are also used to control anxiety in some people, for sleep, and now for pain. It may be worth looking into it.
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    To me this is a good thing. Acknowledging that FMS starts in the brain.

    I was not depressed when I started on antidepressants, I was, however in a great deal of pain and suffering dizzy spells and anxiety. I also often felt like I had a buzzing in my head and neck - almost like an electric shock. Horrible!

    The AD not only put a break on the anxiety, but lessened my pain significantly, stopped the twitching I was feeling all over my body, cut down the dizziness and gave me more energy.

    This tells me that this DD starts from a chemical imbalance in the brain, and hopefully, they can come up with a more specific drug.

    Good Luck
    Sue in ONtario
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    I'm not sure if my daughter has joined yet. She writes and is busy with her book and FM. She was excited to join and will do so soon. Her name is Krista and a very bright and beautiful lady. She has alot of info concerning GHB and is investigating many other helpful medications, excersizes etc. Thanks Rocky for remembering her. I think she will enjoy this site and all the kind folk participating. Hope you are doing well and I appreciate you. Stumped Pop...Rick
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    What is your daughter's book about?

    Look forward to your daughter joining.

    Take care,


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    Good question...I believe it is about a young lady dealing with life in many different aspects. My daughter has quized me about drug addiction and recovery in which I gave her my views and knowledge experience and from working in the field. She has not revealed much and wants it to be a suprise. I am "really excited but", I wish I could give you more. The book is not completed and is due to be finished soon. I will give you all the title when published. Thanx for asking and hope your day has been a good one. I have been all over this forum and continue to learn more about FM. I tell ya..."I commend all of you". I have been all over the web looking for info about Fibromyalgia and this site has truly been a blessing. There is no better way to obtain information other than from the "human experience". Your all miracles in my eyes. Thanks again GA...One stumped Pop Rick

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