Stupid clinic made me soooooo mad!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ilovepink4, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. ilovepink4

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    Yesterday I had an appointment with my doc. Before I tell you what happened, you need to have a little background info.....

    1) At my last appointment, I waited 1 hr in the waiting room and 1 hour in the exam room before my doc got to me.....two hours of waiting=me getting out of there as fast as possible...i didn't ask my questions....i just wanted to get back to my bed....I didn't want to give up and reschedule in case I had to wait two hours the next time I came in!

    2) I am mostly housebound/bedbound....i leave the house about 5-10 times per year. I can only do small tasks around the house.

    3) I attempted to get to the doc twice in the past month but due to a sore throat and my pain and fatigue going crazy, I had to cancel the appointments and reschedule.

    4) Here it is...this is what happened....after resting all day, pacing myself with getting dressed and cleaned up for the appointment so I didn't poop out before I even left my house, I arrived at the clinic and stood in line for 10 minutes waiting to check in at registration....i didn't have anywhere to sit so standing there was getting difficult.....

    I get up to the desk and after giving my name and birthdate, the girl tells me my doc had to go deliver a baby and probably wasn't going to be back....i didn't say anything...i just stared at her as if to make this stop happening....she called back to whereever to see if the nurse was still there and if the doc would be coming back???? she totally didn't know if he was going to see his patients or what.....

    there was no answer so she asked if I wanted to see another doc....ah, no....then she started back peddling to say that no one told her to call and let anyone know that the doc was going to be late or not available....

    then she asked me if I wanted to re schedule....i said no....i wanted to cry....i was so mad I seriously thought about throwing a chair or knocking over anything and everything I could find in the waiting room....

    is there no precedure in place when the doc has an emergency or a baby to deliver? are the scheduled patients supposed to still come to their appointment just to be turned away? What about all the people that have to get a babysitter to be able to go to an appointment? or the woman who is dragging 4 kids out in the snow and cold, just to be sent home after dressing them in snowsuits and boots, mittens and hats, buckling them into a cold car and all for naught....what about the elderly person who has to find someone to drive themt to their appointment? what the H$LL??????

    This isn't really my doctor's is the fault of the clinic.....even if it was his fault, I feel like I am being held hostage by the fact that I have a good doctor and I know that it is very risky to switch to a new clinic in case I can't find a dr that believes in FM, or will continue to prescribe my pain meds, etc.....

    i am not looking for a suggestions because this is not a battle I feel like waging..I am not going to try to fix the clinic......i plan on calling over and over , the day of my next appointment....just to check to see if I still have an appointment....because you may have an appointment in the computer, it doesn't mean a thing....not until you arrive at the clinic and find out if the doc will be honoring his committment or not....and if he/she can't, that is understandable, but please show us some respect and make a simple phone call.....and save us alot of unnecessary pain and fatigue.....

  2. rockgor

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    don't it. In the modern world we are just all anonymous blobs on a conveyor belt.
    We are not patients w/ serious medical problems. We are customers. And interchangeable.

    Used to be different in small towns. Maybe it still is. Don't know. Haven't lived in one
    for 40 some years.

  3. Janalynn

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    I'm so sorry! The clinic ABSOLUTELY should have called your Dr.'s appointments for the day (or for the time that he would be out). That is just silly to have people showing up then having to have them turn right back around. I mean isn't that just common sense?

    You're absolutely right, they weren't giving one thought to how it inconvenienced all of his patients for no reason. (the Mom dragging kids or having to get a sitter, taking off from work and not getting paid, arranging rides, the elderly, your situation....the list goes on and on)

    Next time you make an appointment, ask if your Dr. is on call that day. I never book when my Dr. is on call.

    I'm really sorry that they were so inconsiderate!
  4. blueeyedgrl73

    blueeyedgrl73 New Member

    You really DO need to blame the doctor. The clinic is just doing what he says to do. I worked in a clinic for 13 years as a nurse. I've seen some patients have to wait hours on a time four hours just in the waiting room cause the surgeon had emergency surgery. Why didn't he cancel his patients when he knew he was on call? Thats a question for that doc. Everybody else in the clinic is just doing what the doc wants...its is out of their control but they are the ones blamed. I've seen patients almost spit nails at the receptionist and the nurse but to be as sweet as pie to the doctor...the one who made them wait. It really isn't fair. I understand about being fatigued and having to wait is no fun but you might mention this to your doctor next time. It can be an eye opener for some doctors when patients complain to them about how they are doing things. Some docs dont care but thats a different story altogether.
  5. blueeyedgrl73

    blueeyedgrl73 New Member

    Yes I agree! Our office always did however, many times the patient's lived out of town and could not reach the patient. Many times the office would try to reach them to tell them to come later but some wanted to go ahead and come and wait and some actually still got mad for sitting so long.. lol. Then, of course there are the times when the patients are already there and the doctor is called out. Unfortunately, some doctors will keep their patients waiting when it isn't even an emergency. I've seen it all. I still believe the patient needs to voice their concerns to the doctor though. When you work in a doctor's office the doctor sets the rules and you follow them. Many times I had to stay late at the office seeing patients after hours because he would sit and talk with drug reps or other doctors forever and that would put us behind. I would have to call someone to pick my daughter up at daycare. Whew...I'm glad those days are behind me. I work at home now doing medical transcription....much less stress :)
  6. loto

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    Don't they understand that we are the ones PAYING them??!!!?!?!?!
    I just experienced a 2nd appointment with a new doctor for the melanoma that was just discovered on me. This was with a plastic surgeon who I have to see to get the melanoma further excised to make sure my derma got all the bad cells.
    Anyway, the first visit was a consult, exam, etc. Then, come to find out, my derma didn't fax her all of my path report, so she had me come back the following week. So, I get to the 2nd appt with her, and I could hear her having a meeting in the next room with what sounded like her business partners for 45 minutes, while I waited in the exam room to see her. Then, she comes in the room, says, "oh, wait just a second", leaves, and I could hear her in the other room with another patient!!! Well, by this time I'm so furious because I was already there 45 minutes too dang long.
    So, here she comes back 15 minutes later and says, "Oh, I was waiting on the path report". OK, she's telling me that my appt the week before she knew she didn't have all of the report, but waited until this day to call them for it? I just wanted to scream at her! And I would have walked out but she's the only plastic surgeon in my area that accepts my secondary insurance.
    So, I had to waste 2 hours of my life on this visit just to schedule a date to have this minor surgery that is definitely needed. But I was even angrier because she didn't apologize or anything for making me wait so long. I was so close to tears when I left there.
    It's so aggravating that we have to wait and wait and wait to see doctors when we really need their help, and most of the time there's no compassion or anything for what we have to go through to see them.

  7. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    The clinic should have phoned all of this doctor's patients to cancel the appointment and reschedule at another date. Either that, or had the other doctors in the clinic fit these appointments into their schedule. There should be some plan in action at the clinic for when these types of emergencies happen.
  8. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    And I imagine anywhere else in the world. This isn't something that is limited to the US of A. Babies and emergencies don't schedule appointments. They operate on their own timetable :)

    Some family doctors still deliver babies. Some family doctors do surgery and sometimes surgeries take longer than originally planned, or get delayed and start later than was planned. Doctors have no control over these things.

    I've seen people rushed into the clinic because of emergencies that need immediate care and there was no time to get to the hospital. Doctors have to drop everything else to take care of these people.

    This has nothing to do with bad scheduling or doctors ignoring prior commitments. It has to do with the most urgent cases taking priority.

  9. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Unforseen events happen at doctor's offices. One of my sisters had a seizure in the waiting room. I was waiting once when a three year old child was brought in several hours after seeing his doctor. The prescription med he was prescribed caused a severe, life threatening reaction and it was faster for the parents to bring the child to the doctor's office, rather than drive the 20 minute drive to the local hospital. In the same clinic a few years ago, someone had a heart attack while waiting for his doctor. You've just been very lucky, Aussie, that it hasn't happened while you were waiting.
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  10. ilovepink4

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    I live in a small town where there is one giant clinic that is connected to the hospital. The entire building is only a few years old. Here a doctor sees a woman through her pregnancy and then he/she is the one to deliver the baby unless he/she is out of town....

    my doctor is an old family friend....he lived with my husband and I during the summers while he attended college....his father had moved out of the state with his new wife and her children so he wanted to spend his summers here, in his hometown rather than in a strange place with the new family....his mother had died from cancer...blah, blah....anyways....he wouldn't do anything to hurt me or make me mad....on purpose, anyways.....

    I blame the clinic/the nurse possibly/the receptionists/ the appointment desk....who knows? but, I just know that it is awfully painful to get myself out of here and to the clinic....and i pay the following days....and to have made it there for nothing makes me insane....

    Trust me, people will hear about this at the clinic....I am just waiting so I don't sound like a lunetic....when I am not so ticked, I will do something about it. When I had problems getting my pain rx's refilled when my doc was out of town, i called the director of the clinic and told him that no one would refill my pain pills or my migraine pills (imitrex) etc.....unless I came in for an why would I need an appointment? my doc refills it each month and has for 7 years....I asked the director if the doc would decide by looking at me if I was a drug seeker? would the doc base it on my appearance? because the docs had my medical file along with the contract that I signed, along with my doc, specifying how many pills I could have each month and the rules of not giving my meds to anyone, why wouldn't anyone fill it? forcing me to make an appoinment and come in to see a strange doc was takes years to get a diagnosis of FM and this strange doc is going to decide in one visit, if I have FM? if my treatment is appropriate? or what??..oh, and incidentally, when the nurse would call and say my doc was gone and I would need to see another doc to get my rx refilled, i would ask for an appointment and they were all one could see me that day...and I was going to run out of pills over the basically no one wanted to get involved....

    so, after calling the director, I have not had another whiff of trouble getting my rx filled....i have all kinds of different docs refilling my pain meds during the past couple years...i wonder what happened to make that kind of change?

    oh, I specifically scheduled this appointment late in the day because I feel horrible in the mornings and early afternoons....and, my doc worked the afternoon/evening shift so I didn't think he would be way behind this time...

    i will not take one step out of my bed until I call the clinic next time....and then, I won't leave my house until I call the clinic and have someone confirm that my doc is there and isn't running 3 hours behind....and when JJ hears about this,(my doc) I will make sure he understands completely what fibro has done to me....and I mean really, really understands....and then, he needs to think about the mothers, the elderly, the people taking work off, and the parents hiring sitters so they can get to an appointment, and then the next time he leaves to deliver a baby, maybe he will hesitate a second to make sure that the idiots running the clinic do their jobs and let the patients know he is unavailable....and if he is running behind, maybe someone should make a few calls....everyone has a cell phone these days....just about anyways and the clinic has phone numbers for people....they could at least make an attempt....

  11. gb66

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    About 20 years ago I was scheduled for a D & C in a local hospital. The doctor was part of a group in the adjoining medical building. I was supposed to have the procedure at 9:00 am and was already prepped for surgery and drowsy.

    After lying on a guerney outside the O.R. for an hour, a nuse finally told me that the Dr. had an emergency with his child. Had to have a tonsilectomy. He had not called his office or the hospital to tell them and no one was to take his place. The nurse was very upset since I'd already been medicated. They took me back to my room, and about 1:00 pm he showed up and did the job. I coundn't believe this happened. Go figure! GB66
  12. ilovepink4

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    for sharing your experiences....when I was driving home from my UN-appointment, i was thinking of all of you and that wow! what will my friends at Prohealth have to say about this!?

    Isn't it funny that the most effective support we can find is from "strangers" we talk to online? You are the ones that understand. The ONLY ones that really understand.

    Thank goodness we have this place to come to.

    when I am having a bad day, this is where I come......when I am having a good day,this is where I come and I can be supportive to someone else

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