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  1. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    DO any of you make stupid irrelevant comments and can blame them on brain fog? I say dumb things, like telling someone my dog was born in 1980. This happens frequently on a daily basis and I am afraid if I get a job I will say unnecessary things and lose the job before I have to quit due to a flare. I have a master's degree and feel like an idiot at times.
  2. landra

    landra New Member

    Once asked a friend the same question within 5 minutes in one conversation. I also have a master's degree.

    But more often I just cannot think of the word I need, or i use the wrong one.

    What is going on when you say these things? Are you with new people? Could you be nervous and blurting out something, anything to carry on a converstaion?

    Being afrid of saying something stupid may also cause you stress, and some people blurt out things under stress.

  3. ladybird1

    ladybird1 New Member

    I notice this happens when there are new people around.
    I don't know if it is fibro fog or a case of nervousness.
  4. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    I used to keep interrupting people because if I didn't say or ask what I wanted to right then, I'd forget it while I was waiting for the other person to "pause". That looks pretty stupid. I have finally been able to stop doing that. My memory's coming back.

    Hey, be happy that we had to have FM or CFS in order to be stupid - some people don't have an excuse.

  5. PVLady

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    Well I will say, you are right to be concerned. Everyone likes to think people are nice and might think you are funny at a new job but sadly, that is not the case.

    People are often cruel and you can wind up discrediting yourself. You might see a doctor for a evaluation and make sure it is not more than brain fog.

    I mean most people don't come out with an entire comment like their dog was born in 1980 unless you immediately correct yourself. Were you trying to say your dog was born in 1990 and accidentally said 1980? You might try to avoid "small talk" or try to think before you speak on the new job.

    Kind of funny, imagine this world if everyone "thought before speaking"... I have always remembered someone told me, once words are out it is like spilled milk. So hard to take back.

    I guess the reason I am writing you on this is because I am imagining my reaction if that happened at work with a new employee. Yes, I would have a immediate negative reaction, especially if the person had a higher position. If you are answering the phone or filing, you might be ignored for those comments, or everyone thinks it funny.

    If you have a higher position, people who are jealous will be critical.
  6. landra

    landra New Member

    A friend and I were talking about an office on the university campus here. I said - and insisted it was just north of the student union. she tried to correct me and tell me it was east of the student union. I kept describing it and finally "heard" myself - I meant student health center!

    I'm sure my stubbornness, when I was the one that was wrong, would not go over at a job.

    Are you looking for work? What kind of work? As PVlady said, the kind of work may make a difference.
  7. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member

    I generally avoid people - just started socializing again with people I've known for a long time who I avoided all last year.

    A good friend and my significant other both are very patient when I speak incorrectly. They just wait until I find the right word. A new job wouldn't be as patient.

    My neighbor asked how old my dog was - instead of saying '8' I said 'she was born in 1980' (more words than necessary) but I could "see" in my brain the number '80' - lots of misfiring there!

    I used to teach adult education, I tried day care (too strenuous)I can do any business job but would need to talk to people.

    I hate this part of this DD the most.

  8. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    thinking before i speak doesn't help a bit. It's not that kind of a problem. It's not like you can just think a bit harder and that will make this problem go away. Our brains aren't working right. Misfiring is probably part of the problem and brain fog causing sluggishness in thinking and fuzzy thinking are too.

    I didn't realize others at a job would be so picky about every little mistake someone makes. Normal people make similar mistakes too don't they? Just not as often as us.

  9. xchocoholic

    xchocoholic New Member

    I do this all the time ... I just hate it. It seems my brain will come up with new words too by combining them in my head.

    I slur my words quite a bit too, but it's gotten better in the last year. Unless I'm really tired. Then I speak jibberish.

    My family has gotten used to this over the years, but strangers look at me like I must be on drugs ...

    Just one of those things we have to adjust to .. Marcia
  10. questus9

    questus9 New Member

    The 'slurring' is something I have when the CFS is in a particularly bad flare up.

    Saying stupid things... I'll be so exhausted and say something to a group of people and be genuinely surprised when they burst out laughing.

    I had a two hour drive to make and was with a large group of family members. I was so tired, and said, "My goal is to stay awake while driving home, I need to get going."

    That got a huge laugh, and I remember being surprised, because I was serious.

    I too have a Masters degree, but I say things that have nothing to do with 'thinking before speaking'...also 'disphasia', improper spelling, (it's when you can't find the right word) I have a neighbor who is a neurologist, and I was trying to tell her something and she said,,,'disphasia'...couldn't help herself from diagnosing! She understands though.

    I tend to say things in such a way that it makes people laugh. I was always outgoing and like to laugh, but it constantly surprises me when I'm not trying to be funny.

  11. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Lillieblake,

    I've found digestive enzymes help more with improving cognitive function than just about anything else. And it was pretty immediate for me.

    I think a number of different things are affecting our cognitive abilities, and compromised digestion can be a big issue for some of us.

    Regards, Wayne
  12. Manaleon

    Manaleon New Member

    This happens to me all the time and it even happens around my mother and husband, the two people I'm closest to. Just the other day I was talking to my mom about my 'graduation party' then she corrected me and said 'wedding reception'. I graduated high school three years ago. Oh well. My husband is nice and never corrects me because he knows 'm self conscious. Gotta hate the brain fog that comes with this diagnosis.
  13. WhoSaid

    WhoSaid New Member

    Does this also include saying something then as soon as the word leaves your lips you have no idea what that word was... eg.... someone asks a trivia question and you come up with the name (correctly answer the question) but the second you say the word you don't have a clue what you just said.
    This happens to me now and then and at first it would really bother me but I am getting use to it now.
    Lately it seems that I have been mixing up my letters when I type like typing iwth instead of with. I have done a lot of data entry and dictaphone in the past so this is not just typos.
    Any ideas?
  14. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    When I read the research about CFS and FMS it makes sense to me that our brains and bodies are basically going haywire. Our hormone levels are off or non-existent, we have low blood flow and that includes to our brains, we're not utilizing Oxygen properly, our Mitochondria are malfunctioning affecting the ATP to ADP output which is how our energy is produced on a cellular level, our synapses may be misfiring and they often have the wrong levels of Dopamine and other substances, our Circadian Rhythms are off kilter affecting our sleep, our Genes in our DNA are altered with Genes like the Huntington Disease Gene being turned on, our protein replication is messed up and many of our proteins are coming out misfolded, Cheney has proof that our hearts aren't working right, and the list goes on and on....

    It's a wonder we can function at all.

    It's a sad state of affairs I know. We are suffering from diseases that are extremely devastating in their severe stages and that's still not being acknowledged by the medical profession or the media. If it were than everyone would understand why so many things are going wrong with our bodies and our minds.


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  15. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    my b/friend and i ride motorcycles and no matter how hard i try i keep saying will you get my hat too. he says it's a helmet. i know all well and want to say helmet but hat comes out 90% of the time and it is frustrating.

    i tell him at least i got the right idea just be glad i don't say underware or somthing crazy like that.

    forever searching for the right words
    have a great day everyone
  16. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I have it happen all the time. Sometimes the stuff is pretty funny. I called a State Trooper a Straight Trooper once. Thank god he though it was funny too.

    I'm always asking people "Have I told you this before?" There just seems to be some kind of disconnect between our brains and our mouth. I know what I want to say, I just can't say it right sometimes.

    Even my typing skills have gone down hill.

    Weird stuff.....

  17. AnnieLeu

    AnnieLeu New Member

    I lose words. The other day at Harvey's I couldn't remember the name for lettuce...finally had to point to it and say "that" a strange look from the person working. I too interupt people when they are talking because if I wait for them to finish I will forget what I was going to say. Worse yet I forget what I am saying in the middle of the sentence & can't remember what I was going to say saying. But the worst is Babbling....I go on & on & on about nothing.
  18. mindyandy420

    mindyandy420 New Member

    I do the same....babble on and on because I cannot find the right words so I go...uhm...uh....ya on and on....LOL. I always forget what I'm about to say and I cannot find the right words or they come out all wrong.....