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    OK......I know no one will really care, but I just have to say that I think Appollo Ohno (speed-skater) is cute.

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    Hi Linda - It was very sad to hear about the accident on the luge track. The accident had nothing to do with the weather as the luge track is made of ice. It is the design of the track that is the problem. Most tracks have top speeds of approximately 130 mph, whereas this track gets top speeds in the 150's. They are currently making modifications to curve #16 and are also wrapping any exposed metal beams.

    Ralph Lauren must be proud of the outfits they designed for the US team as they took out advertising on the bottom half of the front page of today's Vancouver Sun newspaper, and had three full page ads on page 2 and the pack two pages. I've never seen that in all the years I've been reading the newspaper, especially on the front page.

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