Stupid question about coinfections

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by pepper, May 9, 2006.

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    I am new to learning about Lyme disease and have a dumb question. I am certain that I have coinfections, ie. Mycoplasma and Ehrlicosis, especially after seeing that DVD of Dr. Burrascano's speech.

    The question: Can you have a coinfection without having Lyme or can these infections exist on their own?

    Thanks to anyone who might know.
  2. pepper

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    Perhaps I have the coinfections then and not Lyme. Hmm.

  3. pepper

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    From seeing Dr. Burrascano's speech and the reading I have done, I suspect that I have Ehrlicia and Mycoplasma. Hence, my diagnosis of CFS.

    When I was on Doxycycline a couple of years ago, trying the low dose ABX to treat CFS, I herxed badly but had some really good results. If my liver hadn't gone wonky, I would have continued but my doctor made me quit because of the high liver enzymes.

    So now I am wondering if I do have Lyme. Perhaps I just have the coinfections. It has been so many years that the tests might not be able to pick up anything.

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    I was just diagnosed on Wednesday but the doctor who I saw said Lyme is a clinical diagnosis and that the tests are still very unreliable. He didn't order one for me. He said based on my symptoms and his experience treating Lyme patients, that I definitely had Lyme and he would start treatment.
    Just something to think about. Have you see a Lyme doctor?

  5. pepper

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    No, I have technically not seen a LLD. However, my CFS doctor does believe in Lyme and is treating me naturally for it. He thinks that I am "full of bugs". He says that I cannot even think of ABX with my liver being so toxic.

    However, if these natural treatments don't help (and I am having trouble with them at the moment), I will have to travel to Toronto or B.C. to see a LLD.

    So you have a "clinical diagnosis". I have a friend who has been given the same results and is not having the Western Blot done at all but is being treated for it.

    I hope that the treatment is successful for you. It seems to be working for her.

    I read your profile and see that you have had red and swollen hands. Did you ever find out what that was from? My aunt is really concerned because she has the same thing and her doctor says it's nothing. I believe she has FM but has never been diagnosed.

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    Thanks for the reply. I believe that my hands and now my knee that gets red and swollen,is arthritis caused from the Lyme. My doctor is hopeful that some of it may clear up with treatment, but since my Lyme is probably now chronic, some of the symptoms may remain. I forgot to ask him if maybe I had contracted the Lyme in the late 80's when I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue? Just something I am wondering about.

    I will starting antibiotics very slowly and see how I do on them, but I am interested in the herbal route also. What do you take?

  7. pepper

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    I guess that I should let my aunt handle this on her own. She is too old to start long courses of ABX. She does have arthritis though. Interesting.

    The treatment I have started is to treat part CFS, part "bugs" but I guess it is all the same in the end. Like you, I would like to know if my CFS was triggered by the infections. If I have time I might ask my CFS doctor when I see him next week.

    Right now my treatment includes:

    - Pi-mag water (Alkaline water)
    - Gluten free diet
    - No red meat except organic beef
    - No sugar or other white stuff
    - Rebounding 2 min. twice a day
    - Far infrared sauna (saving up to buy my own)
    - Methylcobalamin injections
    - Compounded Glutathione suppositories every night
    - Tincture of Hops, Siberian Ginseng and Ashwatanga
    - weekly BioCranial treatments
    - weekly therapeutic massage
    - Burbur 3 drops 3 times a day
    - Argentyn23

    I just stabilized my dose of Burbur last week. All I can tolerate is 3X3 drops or I am crazy with itch.

    I started the Argentyn23 (a far superior form of colloidal silver and very safe according to my doctor) on Sunday with one spray. (The starting dose is 5 sprays 3 times a day).

    I was feeling brave and went up to 3 sprays 3 times on Monday. Oh my! By bedtime I was nauseous, had a dreadful headache and didn't sleep all night.

    But I persevered and did the same on Tuesday. Headache all day - which I can tolerate - but I didn't sleep again all night.

    I took one spray total on Wednesday, had a headache all day and didn't sleep.

    I can put up with the headache but my insomnia is bad enough without adding to it. So I have stopped the Argentyn entirely until I see my CFS doctor next week. :-(

    That being said, with the other things I have been doing, along with a pile of supplements, I have felt generally better than I have in 13 yrs. Some days I feel so good I good jump for joy. But I can never tell from one day to the next how I am going to feel.

    Hope this helps.