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    since I have anxiety issues, humor me! Please?!

    I have a home BP monitor and when I'm feelling strange or particularly horrible I taake my measurements. I have found that if I run to ER they take my vitals, see they are normal, and they are not at hurry to see me (meaning I ain't dying tonite). Seems they aren't worried unless your vitals are off.

    So my question is, if anything is really wrong with me (emergency wise) will my bp monitor tell me? If vitals are normal then it's nothing serious and just give a call to my doc the next day or not even that... wait to see if it goes away?

    Thanks everyone.
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    The answer is not necessarily will your BP monitor tell you. I used to work in the ER. I've seen people having heart attacks who had normal BP and pulse. So no, you can't just rely on your BP monitor. As you probably already know, ER's only treat life-threatening emergencies aggressively. They pretty much put a band-aid on everything else and refer you back to your primary doctor.

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    for your responses. I think I get the picture. Truth is yoiu never really know what's going on inside you (esp. with us FMers and CFSers). And the ER people probablhy won't know either anyways. Like you said hayley, take it for what it's worth... Hopefully though I'll never have to worry about this and my normal readings on my monitor actuallly mean all is fine. Me and my bp monitor can then live happily ever after. :)

    Thx. Erica
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    First of all, I don't put much faith (that they are accurate) in those OTC BP monitors!

    In my humble opinion, if your vitals are normal -- blood pressure and pulse (heart rate) -- there is no need to go to the ER unless you have some other dire emergency--like a possible broken bone, major cut needing stitches, etc.

    ER's are for real emergencies and should not be used as a doctor's office. Mis-use of the ER is what makes the wait so terribly long when you do need to go.

    If you have a problem that is NOT a dire emergency, I believe that a person should try to get by the best that they can, even if they have to "tough it out" until the next morning and then call their doctor. Doing that is probably much better than sitting in an ER waiting room with heaven-knows-what germs floating around and then just getting a pat on the shoulder, a bandaid, and be told to call your family doc in the morning!

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    I kept having what I thought were too low blood pressure episodes in the middle of the night. But every time I used it, it was normal. I found out a couple of years later that my "dying feeling" had alot to do with me being deficient in minerals. Your heart needs minerals to function properly, esp magnesium, calcium and potassium. So I got a cheap mineral supplement and it helped a tiny bit but when I came across Kreb's Cycle Chelates, it really did the trick. That and "mitochondria fuel" were all I needed to get my heart pumping back to normal. Look at my post "people with the dying feeling" and any posts with mitochondria in the title

    hope this helps