Stupid question YOu talk about chemical sensitivy

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    I have been reading about people haev chemicl sensitvity{SP} What is that from? I am asking this because I was a dental assistant for 15 years and I was exposed to mercury , having to fill the container that would put a drop of mercury in with the pellet of amalgam and then put the capsule in to the amalgamater and that would mush everything together and it was them used as afilling material. I have been exposed to X-rays as I would have to help hold a x-ray in a childs mouth as some one else pushed the button and the child had the lead apron on and I did not.

    I am jsut wondering of all of this darn pain and feeling rotten is from the things I was exposed to as a dental assistant.

    I also had to use chemcials to clean the office and they were heavy duty stuff and we did not wear gloves till I had been working for the dentist a few years. When you have a rootcanal done your tooth is sterlixed with a diluted soulition of clorex, and I have used different chemicals that were to sterilze all the instruments of the dentist. And it always smelled nasty. And if you got it on your hands it would burn so I did use heavy duty golves when I was cleaning the instruments for two reasons I did not want to get stabed by some thing sharp and I didn't want my hands in the soultion that cleaned the instruments.

    I would tell you the names of the chemicals but I can't remeber them and if I could I could not spell them.

    So could how I feel be caused by expousure of the chemicals in years past?
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    and i wrote in one of your new posts about your fatigue...well the embezzling dentist office i worked at for five years...i wore my gloves the put the mercury in a squeeze cloth...and boy i remember i was haivng atshma attacks severely at work ...doing a crown prep...the amalgam of the old filling was spraying out as you a dentist didn't like it when i wore face masks he though it made the patients feel so intemitatied...sp? well he was just being my life expense...i didn't care wore them anyways...and gloves too..he wouldn't wear them all the time...

    yep all the nice chemicals we worked with...the the nitirous i used in a n oral surgeion's office...sometiems there are leaks and we just don't know...

    so glad i worked with another dentist who didn't beleive in them in her office...she would just give them a valuim instead...she was a gp...

    oh powdered latex gloves...had to go to vinyl for me

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    ...were you not required to read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that comes with chemicals, acids, and metals?

    The MSDS tells what protective articles you need when working with said chemical, acid, or metal.

    I would think your employer could get into trouble if these were not in an easy to reach place (in case of an emergency) and a log signed be each employee stating that they had read it.

    It may be different for Dental offices though.

    I worked in a lab for several years and was required to read all MSDS material.

    Just wondering......of course following the rules doesn't mean anything......I followed all of the rules and I am pretty sure I was still exposed...LOL

    Best of luck to all, :)

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    My doctor has said that MCS can be caused by exposure to NON-LETHAL levels of chemicals. The body over-reacts to the exposure and becomes extra-sensitive to chemicals that normally wouldn't bother you.

    Remember the first Gulf War? The "mal-functioning" chemical detectors? The oil well fires? The "flea collars" worn around the soldiers' necks? Chemical munitions stashes that were "destroyed" and became airborne?

    When he started diagnosing GW vets with MCS, the US government CUT his funding! They were still lying about chemical exposure back then - later they admitted that hundreds of thousands of troops had been exposed to "low-level" doses of chemicals.

    I got sick after inhaling several ounces of fiberglass insulation in the Navy Research Lab where I worked. We still don't know (and probably never will) if it was the fiberglass, or something on it that caused my FM/CFS/MCS.

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    I'm from the government, and I'm here to help you!

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