good for cfs/fm and back issues

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    Hey do any of you know if Subarus are good cars if one has back issues and is sensitive to vibration and needs a little protection if rear ended even at slow speeds?

    I want to get a highly rated car that needs low maintenance but gets decent mileage and can deal with winters
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    Just wanted to point out that auto parts are not leaving Japan. So what the USA
    has in stock,is it for a while. Who knows how long. Some auto factories here are
    closing temporarily cause they can't get parts.

    Subarus are popular with ppl in North Carolina with the winters and mountains.
    But my info comes from normals.

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    Maybe ask owners how they like the car. Bumpers of the newer cars are meant to collapse a bit to absorb shock so they are not like bumpers of old. If you want a bumper that will still look like a bumper when rear ended even at low speed then you are looking at the early 1990's for a used car, maybe. When SAAB aficionados almost lost their brand because of GM, there were some who said if they could not have that one anymore, then it would be the Subaru. (Thank God we still have our brand, though) Thats for comfort, drivability and those people who like a good driving car who go for that. They have some of the same designs as well without the price tag. I personally love the SAAB but then you will pay more for maintenance and with any car if you want it to last you, you must do regular oil changes, fluid flushes, brakes, rotors and of course maintain and rotate your tires. But the bumper issue on the newer cars, you get rear ended and its a major expense. Maybe try not to get rear ended. The sport models of any brand ride rough designed for fast maneuvering. I found the Honda Civic very uncomfortable for my back as opposed to the SAAB. Subaru is a similar design as I said. To really try one out, rent the model of your choice for a month and see how it handles and how your body feels. That is what I would do. There are Subarus in most fleets of rental cars.