Sublingual B-12

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mar19, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Mar19

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    I purchased sublingual B-12 1000mcg today after reading positive posts here on the board. How long should it take to show any benefit? I'm guessing the usual dose is 1 tablet a day? Has anyone had any negative reactions to it?
    Since it's water soluable, your body will just expel whatever your body doesn't utilize, right? Thanks
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  2. Madelyn

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    My Dr. told me to take 1000 mcg. That's two "dots" for me. I'm actually not sure about your question about expelling any extra.
    My experience has been good. I am feeling so much better after a year and a half of proper diet, vitamins, transfer factor, and staying as active as I can. About two months ago I realized that things are healing: symptoms are going away.
    So I don't know specifically how much B12 had to do with it, but all of it together is working for me!
    My "medicine" has basically been nutrition and healthy lifestyle, but as you see, it can take quite awhile. Persevere with it and you may feel results down the road.