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  1. dolsgirl

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    I learned from a patient with fibro yesterday that she uses here Donnatol sublingually with great results. As I've been in an IBS flare I tried it & it dissolves VERY quickly. She also told me that Valium also is good sublingually. She also works in the health field where they have to have patients take the Valium prior to procedures.

    I also wondered if people take Tranxene or Xanax sublingually?

    Thanks. dolsgirl
  2. Shirl

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    I believe I did read that someone on the board takes their Xanax sublingually for a quick response from it. I take Xanax at night, but man that taste is nasty!

    I usually just swollow mine with water, by the way I read somewhere that you should drink a full 8 ounces of water when you take Xanax, but, sorry, I forgot where I read this!

    Have been doing it since I learn this though.

    YOu could ask your pharmacist, he would be able to tell you if its alright to do this.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. dolsgirl

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    and bumping up for more responses. Thanks for everyone's input. dolsgirl
  4. dolsgirl

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    When giving meds in a controlled setting it's actually required to give the patients 6 ounces of water to drink with them. dolsgirl
  5. Shirl

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    I do make a point to stay away from the medical profession as much as possible (smile).

    I have only been in a hospital three times in my life, three babies.

    I probably read about the water with Xanax on one of the websites on meds.

    Shalom, Shirl
  6. sheelanagigs

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    yep, SL works great. reeeealy fast; as fast as an IV fast. xanax tastes reaaally bad. i know ativan and klonopin can be used SL, so can the liquid meds. i take CoQ10 and it is said to work effectively SL; on the months i am too poor to get my coQ10 compounded in flavored lozenge form, i just open the capsule and put the powder under my tongue.

    my rule of thumb with meds is does it have an enteric coating that needs to remain intact; is it time released-if so SL is not a good idea; and it needs to taste ok.

    good luck.
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    During the day, I carry Klonopin tablets cut in quarters and put them under my tongue when sensory overload starts to frazzle me. I would rather gag and tie up noisy misbehaving children in restaurants, but since that is not an option, the Klonopin works pretty well.

    Love, Mikie