Submitting new evidence after hearing?

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  1. I think My hearing was bad. I didn't feel that I had a chance to explain how llimited I am with this illness. Would I be able to submit new evidence of illness a week after hearing? My attorney did not even explain anything to me. It was a mess. I had bad records because I went to a free clinic where the doctors are retired.

    Got a new doctor and he says I have high hemoglobin,hemochromotosis, RA and I am going to do some lung fuction test tomorrow. I also want to write my judge a letter. Can I submit things even though my attorney didn't want me too. I think he just kind of gave up on my case. HE was supose to have a head doctor there who I spoke with a few times. HE didn't come . I don't think he wanted to spend anymore money on my case. Anyone with any advise? Thanks
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    Ruthie, Your attorney is for you to Win your SSD case. if your attorney is saying not to submit medical information on your own, then you really need to consider what attorney is telling you.

    My opinion is to wait for the judge decision since you've had your hearing this past week.
    You may have already Won a Fully Favorable Decision. You don't want to jeopardize that.

    Ruthie did you get your medical records from the free clinic, i'm asking cause you mention you had bad records? Your attorney should have had these records also, did your attorney think there was not enough medical evidence? If so, your attorney should have talked to you about this long ago.

    I think you have a good chance of winning your SSD. The waiting for the approval Letter can add anxiety . Hopefully you win and if it does come to where you are denied again, then appeal with new medical evidence.

    Think Positive Ruthie, most likely your Approval Letter is in the mail and on its way to you.
    Wish you well


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