suboxone and meth fot detox ?

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  1. NewEnglander

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    I having a really hard time finding a clinic that does not have a huge waiting list.

    If I go into a hospital or detox unit, don't they use this kind of treatment

    just wondering

    desperately searching right now

  2. mylilcherub428

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    I went to detox b4 when I was having problems with my meds I ended up having to leave they gave me 2 options methadone or clonadine wich is a blood pressure med that helps withdrawl symptoms<BR>
    I choose methadone they start you at 25 and cut you down 5 mg a day wich is kinda quick and put me in bad pain<BR>
    I relized while I was there that the methadone helped my pain without making me feel like superwoman which was why I was messing up with my meds <BR>
    we called my doc me and the councelor and he put me on the methadone I have been doing ever since with my pain meds<BR>
    this was a place in springfield <BR>
    I also noticed the amount they started me on was more than I was used to I felt great the first day there but that is their standard protocol<BR>
    hope this helps-Kim

    p.s. I dunno if it shows up like this on the new web site but I am using the old one and it says br after everything I wrote I have no idea what that is[This Message was Edited on 09/22/2008]
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    and I am NOT trying to be rude as I have had problems with taking too much meds to feel like superwoman and acomplish things

    but people are talking about you geting a lawyer because you are getting cut off the wrong way

    but did you say in your post that got deleted that b4 you were not taking your vicoden as prescribed

    like I said not being rude trying to figure it out because it is scary

    I think taking the drink was a big mistake because they thought you had something to hide especially if you had issues b4 this new med

    you said someone was helping you and getting you more meds till you got to the hospital was that your docs office

    This whole thing is crazy trying to make sense of why she said to tell them you are an addict but if you had problems b4 I think thats why

    they have to cover their butts too if anything happened to you cuz of your meds it would be their fault

    and if they are not helping you cut down that would be their fault

    mabe you should just tell them you can not get in anywhere and have them wean you

    but it does not sound like that is what you want which is why detox did not work for me I can not function without pain releif

    there has to be an answer

    I wish I knew what it was

    I know how you feel

    I have not heard back from my urine test one week ago
    I wish I knew if I was in the clear-Kim
  4. simonedb

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    newenglander, I am not sure since your situation is complicated with so many meds, but I went from darvon to low dose naltrexone LDN and the LDN at alow dose helps with pain....but thing is you will have a flareup if you take it oo soon after quitting pain meds, it is also dangerous to go onto medications that cause detox like naltrexone too soon after you quit your pain meds, it could actually cause a stroke or something just like quitting alcohol cold turkey can cause a seizure etc One should wait 2 weeks before naltrexone, might be similar with suboxone, which isnt necessarily do-able to not have pain relief that long, maybe something like baclofen and spinal shots and lidoderm could tie one over? btw I would never do the 50mg of naltrexone they give just for addiction, I dont know if it helps prevent pain at that high a level but I think it would kill me as I am so sensitive to meds, for me afraction of that helps, like .3 mg, thats not even a 100th of the rec'd dose of 50mg, I think it can cause really bad psychoactive effects in cfids/fm chem sensitive people at too high of a dose.

    and Kim, I am curious, are you saying that you are on methadone right now? and did you mean when they startd you on it it was a larger dose of pain med then you were used to? do you feel good pain relief and energy on it? is it as good as your old pain med and are there any side effects you don't like? I remember a recovering addict told me once years ago he hated being on it because he couldnt get off, he didnt need it for pain, but he felt it was more addictive than the dilaudid he had abused recreationally and he resented being on it but didnt see anyother way. When it comes to treating pain though I feel you sort of have to figure out a way to cope with being on these meds unless you want to be bedbound if the pain is bad and chronic. I was told once that methadone would probably be too heavy duty for me, a doc said that it is much stronger than darvon
    which is what I used to control my pain until I went on LDN.
    Also Kim why do you have to get a urine test, are you on
    more than methadone?
  5. PVLady

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    This website lists all the doctors in your state licensed to prescribe Subutex.
  6. baanders

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    If so I am angry that you have given the rest of us a hard time getting pain medications.

    If you are a drug addict, go on methadone. If you want to vomit and go through withdrawal, go on suboxone or naltrexone.

    If you are not an addict but need long term pain relief, then methadone or subutex.

    I wish you well.
    It is not clear to me if you are an addict and use meds for pleasure. Please make it clear.
  7. gapsych

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    I know you are going through a lot and for that I am very sorry.

    There are some things that do concern me. You stated you were afraid you were going to snap, that you needed a "safe" place to go to and that you had a plan to take sleeping pills which kind of implied an overdose but it would be all right since your husband would be there? I am somewhat confused about that.

    While I am not sure you need detox, maybe you need someplace safe such as a psychiatric facility. No you are not crazy, but it sounds like you may have some issues (?) and you could get your meds. at the same time.

    I found checking into a hospital like this was one of the best things I ever did. It was nothing like I thought it would be but a comfortable setting where I could see other's who were having the same problems.

    This is just a suggestion. It may not meet your needs.

    You will have to decide that.

    Take care.